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iPhone : How Bollywood gave Britney Spears her greatest hit

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iPhone : Economic growth out of thin air. Hybrid Airship transports 20+ tons of cargo or natural resources, plus crew of 19.

iPhone : The coronavirus pandemic makes clear that we need new strategies to contain contagious illnesses.

Airship hospitals may seem a bit fantastical, but they're worth considering. Here's why.

iPhone : THIS-Dharavi patient (56)had no travel history.

23 March-fever, went to local doctor
29 March admitted to Sion Hospital
1 April tested positive for #COVID19
and Died.

DHARAVI-300 flats,90 shops sealed.
Family, building folks & high-risk ppl being tested.

Vinaya Deshpande reports

iPhone : I really miss my Mom. She is in self quarantine for over a month. We talk 1-2 times a day.

I am sending love to everyone this morning on another #FlattenTheCurve #Wednesday .

Who are you missing right now?

iPhone : It is my firm belief that the body is capable of detecting & removing a startlingly wide range of illnesses when in perfect balance & supplied with all it needs during the process. How far this can go is shamefully unexplored by science.


iPhone : As we contemplate how our bodies are adjusting to the presence of a new bug, lets not forget the importance of our skin.

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies & is the first line of defense against any infection.

Hygiene is important but so is moisturizing & nutrition.