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Android : Former Fort Worth police officer Aaron Dean has been arrested and charged with the murder of #AtatianaJefferson.

He must now be vigorously prosecuted.

Prior to his arrest, Dean was allowed to resign instead of being fired.


Android : Grateful the presidential candidates are calling for impeachment. Our California Senator Harris knows a perp when she sees the evidence, and as a former AG of the largest state in the Union, we should harken to her call.

#ImpeachmentTaskForce twitter.com/kamalaharris/s…

Android : Tomorrow’s the October debate! Do you know where you’ll be watching?

Find a debate watch party near you:

Android : Pathetic response. Steel exports to the U.S. are only 4 tenths of 1% of Turkey's exports. And while Trump “talks” about sanctions on Turkish officials, he still plans to meet Erdogan next month. Congress must stay the course and enact tough sanctions that impact Turkish conduct. twitter.com/ap/status/1183…

Android : Turkey is in NATO. Its president is visiting in Nov. It doesn’t invade Syria without the go-ahead. On 10/6, Pres. Trump gave the green light. Now, the White House is gaslighting America by feigning ignorance. It doesn’t take a stable genius to know what Turkey’s intentions were.

Android : White House statement 8 days ago:

“Turkey will soon be moving forward with its long-planned operation into Northern Syria.” twitter.com/riegerreport/s…

Android : BREAKING: In a major victory for Kentucky Democrats, Judge rules to restore 165,000 ‘inactive’ Kentucky voters back to regular voting rolls wlky.com/article/judge-…

Android : Breaking via WSJ: Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are examining Rudy Giuliani's biz dealings in Ukraine, including his finances, meetings and work for a city mayor there, according to people familiar. Investigators have examined Giuliani's bank records. wsj.com/articles/feder…

Twitter Web App : Studies say facebook should pay you for your data which they profit off plus Zuckerberg is cozying up to conservatives Also they're violating anti-trust laws twitter.com/DrDinD/status/…