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Twitter Web App : I'll give you an essay on why this teacher should be fired — and I surely will not need five hundred words.

#ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachAndRemove twitter.com/gailgirl66/sta…

Twitter Web App : “Schiff is also ...arguing that the Ukraine call reflects how Trump has conducted himself as President: he has inflated his powers, relentlessly used his position for personal ...gain, and incessantly lied about his conduct and that of his rivals.”


Twitter Web App : NBC News Pizzazz? Pizzazz!? WTF? #BillTaylor and #GeorgeKent didn't lack ethics, courage, objectivity, initiative, and putting country over party!

Twitter Web App : .Rep. Val Demings gets to the heart of the issue: the President placed his own political interests above our national interests, our national security, and our Constitution. The witnesses today saw the pressure campaign up close, and they had no doubt. #DefendOurDemocracy twitter.com/HouseForeign/s…

Twitter Web App : Taylor drops a bombshell

New evidence directly fingers President Trump.

July 26 phone call where Trump checks in with Sondland on status of Ukraine’s Biden investigation.

Side note: Sondland omitted this. Intentional omission of material facts is perjury.

#ImpeachmentHearings twitter.com/Phil_Mattingly…

Twitter Web App : Wrong. These questions elicited statements from Sondland to the witnesses that aid was withheld for conditions. Those would be admissible even in court under FRE 801(d)(2) co-conspirator statements because it is considered reliable. Conspiracies need multiple actors to succeed. twitter.com/gopoversight/s…

Twitter Web App : Just made this point on Evgeni Makharadze hour. Conspiracies like shaking down a country for help in an election require a lot of people. Sondland, Mulvaney, Giuliani, etc. were all necessary to carrying out Trump’s wishes and so their statements come in. twitter.com/delavegalaw/st…

Twitter Web App : If you’re talking about Dan Goldman, he worked for DOJ, which is NOT the same as working for you. People at DOJ work for the people & the rule of law. The fact that you don’t know that is exactly one of the reasons why you should be impeached ⁦Donald J. Trump

Twitter Web App : If Republicans don't like hearsay, then why dont they demand in public and with passion that Mulvaney, Perry, Pompeo, and Bolton testify? Why aren't they yelling for the State Department to release documents?

Twitter Web App : No more cash bail.
No more death penalty.
No more "war on drugs."
No more mandatory minimums.
No more private prisons and detention centers.

We are going to fundamentally reform our broken and racist criminal justice system.

Twitter Web App : Any Mountain j denton That's a good question. I don't know. It wasn't secret w/ Andrew Johnson. Nixon resigned before (inevitable) impeachment. And it wasn't secret w/ Clinton. So a vote has only gotten to the Senate twice — and in Johnson's case, he was acquitted by a single vote (but none secret).

Twitter Web App : I hear ya, Representative Welch. Me too.

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Twitter Web App : Security 101, Donny — no cell phones.

#ImpeachAndRemoveTrumpNOW #ImpeachmentInquiry twitter.com/kylegriffin1/s…