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Bio “Good Friends, Good Books, And A Sleepy Conscience. This Is The Ideal Life.”
― Mark Twain: Welcome To COPPER BEECHES COTTAGE. A Napoleon Brandy Perhaps?

Location SHERLOCK HOLMES: Consulting Detective. Calculating Machine. Logician. Frugal Tastes. Egotistical. Righteous. Cigars. Persian Slippers. Bohemian.
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Twitter Web App : As you are aware Jo Swinson has been linked to EU funding, or at least her husband has. She's disappeared lately. It HAS been doing the inevitable Twitter rounds though.They seek her here, they seek her there. Is she in heaven, or is she in hell, that damned elusive Swinsonel?

Twitter Web App : Boris is threatening to sabotage the EU, if he's forced to delay Brexit, by using vetoes.The Queen could sack him.But he could refuse to go. The police could turn up at No10 with a warrant for his arrest. But it would be the army as agents of the crown that would do it.
Sun Times

Twitter Web App : L. Jonsson "We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology."
- Dr Carl Sagan

Twitter Web App : L. Jonsson I thought you said:

"Cheerio", but remember beetles are in class insecta while spiders are in class arachnida.
Bye, or "Cheerio" as l recall you saying, erm, 20 mins ago.