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iPhone : Frank Ocean is launching a club night in New York called PrEP+, an homage to the 80s and 90s club scene.


iPhone : Michael Jordan unveiled the first of two Charlotte, North Carolina medical clinics he and his family funded to provide care to underprivileged members of the community. es.pn/33Kb61d


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iPhone : I hate/love the internet 🤣🤣🤣

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iPhone : I’m deeply grateful for our grassroots donors. We’re doing this without fancy fundraisers, federal lobbyists, or PACs.

And we’re almost at a big milestone—2 million donations!

Chip in $3 now to help make our goal, and I could call you to say thanks. secure.actblue.com/donate/soc-oct…

iPhone : NBA dads roundtable talk dropping tomorrow.

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iPhone : Imagine if, instead of tweeting me, they tweeted the elected officials in Florence or made phone calls to the Black Republican senator of the state, Tim Scott, and ask him to make sure the right ppl in his state look into it

Because they don't actually care

iPhone : I RT to show y'all examples of their foolishness but that's it

There's a reason nObOdYs TaLkInG aBoUt it...because it isn't what they're claiming it's about


iPhone : When they say I dont care about BW & girls bc I dont tweet abt ONE trafficker (check their TLs to see if they talked about Samuel Little tho), I respond with saying they don't either bc thy haven't talked abut X, Y, or Z

They know they don't care
That's why I ignore mostly

iPhone : All these fools are doing is using this white man like they used Holtzclaw, whose victims they shamed and didnt care about either... because he's not Black and they want "justice" for their image as Black men, not for the victims

iPhone : 5. They think they can bully me with their 50 followers and the scent of Nasheed Ballsac on their breath


6. They're not activists. They don't care. They won't fill any courts or write to any reps. They won't donate to the families' legal fees. Nothing

iPhone : 4. I've purposefully ignored most of their jabbering bc they don't care at all about any of the girls or women he may have harmed. They never speak up when non-white men are picked up for trafficking (40% of minor traffickers are... you guessed it)

iPhone : 3. The case isn't being covered in mainstream media much because, despite them claiming he infected 600 women with HIV almost a decade ago, there's no proof of that now. He's a, hate to say it, common ass trafficker like so many others