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Twitter Web Client : This Hubble view is one of my favorites. Each one of these specs is a different galaxy, nearly 10,000 are shown here. Each one has 1000s of stars with planets orbiting around them. It’s astounding to consider how many stars & planets are out there!

Sprinklr : The Hubble Space Telescope launched on this day in 1990 aboard the space shuttle Discovery. Today we celebrate 29 years in space, filled with amazing observations of the universe, breakthrough discoveries & beautiful images. Happy anniversary #Hubble!

iPhone : Thomas Zurbuchen Thomas Zurbuchen Associate Administrator, NASA Science Mission Directorate says: “exploration unites — exploration brings the world together. It’s worth dedicating your life to.” Thanks, Dr. for joining us with your inspirational, impromptu words!

Twitter Web Client : It’s vital we revisit the planetary protection guidelines put in place in a previous era to ensure our protection standards reflect the current and future realities of space exploration. Read about the latest plans to review the guidelines: (2/3)

Sprinklr : Planetary protection aims to protect solar system bodies from contamination by Earth life, and to protect Earth from possible harm from potential biological sources beyond our planet. (1/3)

Twitter Media Studio : Listen,👂🏼do you hear that? This is the first-ever recorded trembling that appears to have come from inside Mars! The faint seismic signal, detected by NASA InSight lander is an exciting first step in the new field of studying “Marsquakes”. Get the details:

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Sprinklr : Theres exciting new info about 5 tiny moons nestled in/near Saturn’s rings. CassiniSaturns closest flyby revealed that their surfaces are covered with material from the planet’s rings & from icy particles blasting out of Saturn’s larger moon Enceladus:

iPhone : I had the pleasure of visiting recently with Thomas Zurbuchen , the associate administrator of NASAs Science Mission Directorate. He has incredible vision and an amazing ability to motivate others, as shown in this excerpt. Check out the full interview at

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Twitter Web Client : LIVE: Liquid water, a protective atmosphere and an active core is what makes our home one of the most unique places in the solar system. Join us for #NASAScience Live on #EarthDay, where you can ask experts questions using #askNASA:…

Twitter Web Client : It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. #EarthDay #PictureEarth #NASA —David Attenborough

iPhone : Today is #EarthDay! We have an incredible fleet of NASA Earth spacecraft orbiting our home planet 24/7, 365 days a year, always collecting data to help us better understand our dynamic world.

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Sprinklr : Earth has an active core that creates a protective shield around our planet, fresh water that flows throughout the land & air, plus a protective atmosphere filled with oxygen to breath. Tune in live at 3pm ET & join experts on #NASAScience Live Q? #askNASA

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Twitter Web Client : Happy #EarthDay! From the highest reaches of Earths atmosphere down to its core — and everything in between — NASA pioneers and supports an amazing range of advanced science, technologies, and tools that help us better understand and protect our home planet. #PictureEarth🌎🌏🌍

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Twitter Web Client : Our magnificent planet is ready for its close-up 📸, & on #EarthDay, April 22, we’re calling on YOU! Help us celebrate by uploading a photo of your favorite natural features using #PictureEarth. Learn how your pictures could be featured in future projects: