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Sprinklr : What was Armstrong’s view as he landed the Lunar Module? The team behind our NASA Moon orbiting spacecraft reconstructed the last 3 minutes of the trajectory using landmark navigation & altitude call outs from the voice recording. Take a look: #Apollo50th

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Sprinklr : This morning, Ellen Stofan and I filmed our first episode of EZ Science at @AirAndSpace for the #Apollo50th. Ellen explains what it took to get Armstrong’s spacesuit into the museum & we discussed exciting NASA Moon science. Watch the full episode when it comes out on July 25.

Sprinklr : In total, humans have spent 80 hours exploring the surface of the Moon. NASA’s #Artemis missions will allow scientists & engineers to study the surface from up close using new technology. See what we’ll learn from these robotic & human missions #Apollo50th

Twitter Web Client : Join us TODAY to talk about Moon rocks with an Apollo astronaut! 🌖

Tune in at 3 PM CT as Apollo 17s Harrison Schmitt and #NASAMarshalls Renee Weber talk about lunar samples brought back to Earth during Apollo >> #Apollo50th

iPhone : 50 years ago today, Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and I launched into space on a mission of enormous importance. God bless the 400,000 Americans who helped us get to the moon and back. Together, we Americans can do anything! Never forget July 16, 1969! #Apollo50

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iPhone : Just like Apollo’s bold mission, I’m exploring #Mars in ways we’ve never done before. Thanks to the #Emmys for recognizing our work, and to all of you who continue to follow my story.

More on NASA’s Emmy nods:

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Sprinklr : 50 years ago today, the 363-foot tall Saturn V rocket launched the Apollo 11 mission from NASAs Kennedy Space Center. American heroes Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin Aldrin and Michael Collins were on their way to explore our nearest neighbor for all humanity: #Apollo50th

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Twitter Web Client : The Moon sets behind the Jefferson Memorial in Washington 50 years to the day after astronauts Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin launched on Apollo 11, the first mission to land astronauts on the Moon. #Apollo50th -

iPhone : 50 years ago #OTD, three men launched on a Saturn V rocket to the Moon, about to make history and go where no one had gone before. #Apollo50th

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Sprinklr : Landslides are among the most pervasive hazards worldwide, causing 1000s of deaths & billions of dollars in damage every year. But the exact number of landslides is unknown. Citizen scientists are helping NASA expand the global map. See how you can assist:

Sprinklr : Last year’s U.S. wildfire season was the most deadly and costly in California history. This summer, NASA Earth researchers will embark on field campaigns across the world to investigate questions surrounding fire and smoke. Get the details:

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iPhone : I joined Face The Nation this morning to talk about the #Apollo50th anniversary and NASA’s #Artemis mission to send the first woman and the next man to the Moon. Watch:

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Sprinklr : This four-limbed robot named LEMUR can scale rock walls and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find its way around obstacles. Learn more about this technology and how we could adapt it for various locations across the solar system:

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iPhone : I have been following the #falconeye1 mishap and am excited to see our partner Dr.Mohammed AlAhbabi’s post. In space, we always take risks and we know that - even if a 🚀 works 100 times, it is still tough! Best of luck for #falconeye2 #NeverGiveUp…

Sprinklr : This beautiful image shows pockets of star formation blooming in a galaxy located ~70 million light-years away. The orange-pink glow is created as hydrogen gas reacts to the intense light streaming outwards from nearby newborn stars. Take a closer look:

iPhone : Earth science data protect, improve, and help understand life on our changing planet. Check out the use of NASA Earth data to analyze the impacts of the recent California earthquake. Via NPR…

Twitter Web Client : “I hope that photos like the ones I’m in don’t exist anymore.” This photo of JoAnn Morgan, the only woman in Launch Control for Apollo 11, speaks to the women who made #Apollo50th possible. She hopes these types of photos “depart from our culture.”