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Twitter Web App : Huddersfield Town associating the club with Paddy power is one thing, but playing a willing part in one of their stupid media stunts is something else entirely.... Very bad look for the club

Twitter Web App : Imagine the look on the faces of Alarm Clock Britain when the BBC sent this idiot out to tell them their savings were at risk........ Heady days

Twitter Web App : One of the long term effects of the credit crunch that has yet to be reckoned with is the overnight profile and gravitas it afforded Robert Peston, BBC Business editor at the time and otherwise a complete and utter joke

Twitter Web App : Inventing something called The Test of Leadership, deciding Corbyn has failed it and then publishing the verdict in a Guardian advert says pretty much all you need to know about patrician Blairism & its continuing inability to think beyond technocracy, statecraft and PR. twitter.com/Peston/status/…

Twitter Web App : Strange thing to say when the Tory party is currently trying to resolve the crisis of its historic contradictions, decades (centuries?) in the making, by plowing the entire country into a wall twitter.com/Peston/status/…

Twitter Web App : hannah proctor the 2000 retro revival is just around the corner if you can hang on. We're all going to be listening to groove armada super styling and wearing Animal watches