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Dusky - ⚔️ Galar Champion

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Android : A couple of my favourite really good doggos from #PokemonSwordShield, Yamper and Boltund! Theyre so cute and it was really fun raising one in my playthrough, not knowing what he would turn into. I named him Zoomies!⚡️

Android : Wait why are people starting to call the square shinies "Ultra Shiny"?

Is it due to it being a trademark that existed for a TCG set (serebii.net/card/gxultrash…)?

It can hardly be an "Ultra" Shiny when it's the common variant in the wild anyway :P

Android : Guys PLEASE spread the word. ULTRA SHINY IS A TCG TRADEMARK. Some YouTubers have taken this and ran with it. There are no official names of the new shiny animations. I'm seeing this everywhere, titles of videos, comments, and its spreading. THE SQUARE SHINYS ARE NOT THAT RARE! twitter.com/JoeMerrick/sta…

Android : I'm so curious as to how the idea of square-glow shinies being called "Ultra Shiny" came to be... Ultra Shiny is a TCG trademark that has nothing to do with the games...
And what's even dumber is that your supposed "ULTRA" Shiny is more common in the wild than a "regular" Shiny!!