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Twitter Web Client : Havent practiced Realm in a little bit, gonna grind a bit now before BFA ruins my already messed up schedule lol. LIVE

Twitter Web Client : for all its flaws (and it certainly had some) legion was by far the most enjoyable xpac for me to date. m+ affected my life profoundly, both in and out of game, at a time when I thought wow had shown us all the tricks up its sleeves

bfa has some big shoes to fill

TweetDeck : Gorgonzolla 1) you responded yesterday. Its barely been 24 hours.

2) Vinny is handling anything moving forward, which is why he was tagged.

3) Ive stated several times the decision is final. Further questions please direct to BeefyNoodle

Twitter Web Client : ストラックアウト楽しいですっ☆おおむね成功ですっ☆ちぃたん☆ですっ☆

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Twitter Web Client : Brennan Rusnell Call of Duty Turn those fans on and your AC all the way up!

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Android : TreyarchPC eU PrinceDannyTV Mute, Block, and Report functions dont seem to work. Lacking a streamer mode to mask enemy names (inappropriate/racist usernames). Also the ability to sync your name with Twitch for verified status in game would be cool too!

Also can Ajax shield break after X amount of damage?

iPhone : Can’t believe today! Invited with Poki to stream some behind the scenes for the Teen Choice Awards and was even on TV. So happy Fed came with us to help with the stream ☺️ a day to remember for sure ❤️