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Android : Monkeypox diagnosed in a patient in England

Read about this relatively rare disease here if you’re a frontline healthcare worker staff here:…
#monkeypox #FOAMed #infectiousdisease…

Android : A lovely Christmas message from everyone at CUH 🎄. Great to see teams sharing some festive fun despite the extreme pressures.

I think tackling British Sign Language is even trickier than the usual challenge of trying to get staff to sing in tune... 🎶!


Android : It is with great sadness that King’s College has learned of the death of Sir Stephen Cleobury. Stephen died in his hometown of York last night, 22 November, after a long illness.

Android : Thank you for all of your hard work on this project Daniel Murrell .

We are looking forward to developing it further in paeds ED and more widely CUH

Enjoy what I'm sure will be another fabulous EMTA conference! #EMTA19…

Android : **New Blog alert** #itsoktobeok

It’s mad sometimes in our #EDfamily but I wouldn’t change it for the world! Thanks Liz Midwinter RN for another awesome addition. Don’t forget to reflect and self assess RCN Emergency Care frameworks…

Android : Today marks the end of my first year as a Consultant. How time flies.

So, as I look back, I ask “is it worth it?”


Android : Planning on hosting your own #fireworks display?🎆

Wed much rather you attend an organised display, but if youre having your own make sure you follow our advice 👇

Read more ➡

#TeamCambsFire #FireSafety #RememberRemember

Android : Wow, what a week Walt Disney World!

Lots of fun with some amazing children, and we somehow managed to keep everyone out of hospital for the whole trip - must be the #DisneyMagic 😃

#WDW #MagicKingdom #AnimalKingdom #Epcot #HollywoodStudios #Florida #PaedsRocks

Android : Im going off-line for a few days for a half-term holiday ☀️. Time to recharge my batteries ready for the long winter ahead...

#EmergencyMedicine #NHS #Wellbeing #PaedsRocks #AutumnSunshine

Android : This little singing + dancing llama who accompanied the CUH management team on their visit to paeds ED this evening was definitely a highlight of my day and also cheered up several of my young patients.

Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine!

#PaedsRocks #PaedsED

Android : JC: Tranexamic Acid (TXA) in Head Injury. The CRASH-3 results. St Emlyn’s…

Android : This month's forum on 24th Oct: ill & injured children. These cases are challenging for us all - rare, emotional & often complex. We'll explore some of the principles behind managing paed trauma & go through the essentials of NLS. More info at…

Android : I have had an amazing response to this thread with so many people contacting me with their experiences.

Some who needed (or received) help in the past + others who are struggling at the moment.

Shows just how important it is to look out for each other!

#AskTwice #mentalhealth…

Android : I didn't hear Dr Sammy Batt-Rawden's #TEDxNHS talk but it seems we share a common message - ask twice! #DoubleTap

(One of several important themes in what sounds like a really emotional + inspiring presentation about her personal story #empathy #theboywholived)…

Android : Reframing the question really changed the response I got and we then spoke about what had been happening, how he was feeling + how it was affecting him and his work.

Together we were able to make a plan to help him move forward.

#OneTeam #Wellbeing

Android : I asked him if he was ok and he replied, "Yes, I'm fine", but I wasn't convinced.

Later on I spoke to him again - I said that I had noticed a change and was worried about him.

This time he told me everything... things he hadn't told his colleagues, his friends or his GP.

Android : A few weeks ago I noticed that one of the on-call doctors didn't seem quite himself.

We're not friends outside of work + I'm not his supervisor, but he works in an acute specialty so is regularly in the ED seeing patients + that day something just wasn't quite right.