Bio The European Peoples Party; centre-right; largest political family in EU. Holds Presidency of EU Parliament, EU Commission, EU Council. #StrongerTogether
Location Winner of #EP2014 elections
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iPhone : 🇪🇺 Accueil d’Anne Sander et Joseph Daul, dans ma circonscription.
1e séquence au #Hartmannswillerkopf, lieu empreint d’histoire.
▶️ l’#Europe est avant tout une histoire et une civilisation avant d’être une construction administrative. #Europeenne2019

iPhone : As an environmental engineer myself, I believe that we can tackle environmental challenges with ambitious legal targets and innovation, not taxation. Great debate tonight, thanks Nieuwsuur. #ThePowerOfWE

Twitter Web Client : .Manfred Weber at #Nieuwsuur debate ‘’Like in any #election in #Europe, also for the #EP2019, it should be clear who the candidates are & what ideas they are proposing for the future. With the lead candidate system, we want to give citizens a real say in the #FutureOfEurope.’’

Twitter Web Client : ‘’We can only make the #Euro and our #economies stronger for our citizens if all member states take up their responsibilities and we maintain the will to reform.’’ Manfred Weber in #Amsterdam. #ThePowerOfWE #EP2019 #StrongerTogether #Nieuwsuur

Twitter Web Client : .Manfred Weber at Nieuwsuur debate in #Amsterdam: To protect our citizens I believe we need to make the exchange of #data about #terrorists and organised #crime mandatory. Europe should take the next steps to create a European #FBI.’’ #ThePowerOfWE #StrongerTogether

Twitter Web Client : ‘’Europe is the world leader on #climate policy. We should be proud of that. But we don’t want unfair #taxes, we want to strengthen our #emission trading system and invest in #innovation.’’ Manfred Weber at Nieuwsuur debate in #Amsterdam. #ThePowerOfWE #StrongerTogether

Twitter Web Client : ‘’I will be a Commission President who will bring Europe closer to the people, someone that listens to the concerns of people and shows them that Europe can make a change.’’ Manfred Weber at Nieuwsuur debate in #Amsterdam. #ThePowerOfWE #StrongerTogether

Twitter Web Client : Om 22.00 uur op @npo2: Timmermans versus Weber: de belangrijkste kandidaten voor het voorzitterschap van de Europese Commissie in debat | Nederland als draaischijf voor internationale drugscriminaliteit | De beloften van Facebook over politieke advertenties #nieuwsuur #facebook

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Twitter Web Client : Zobaczcie relację z Marszu #PolskawEuropie! 26 maja zagłosujcie na #KoalicjaEuropejska lista nr 3! Zagłosujcie na dumną i silną Polskę w Europie! #WielkiWybór 🇵🇱🇪🇺✌

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Twitter Web Client : De belangrijkste kandidaten voor het voorzitterschap van de Europese Commissie: Europarlementariër Manfred #Weber (Manfred Weber) en Frans #Timmermans (Frans Timmermans), nu nog vice-voorzitter van de EC, debatteren vanavond in #Nieuwsuur.

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Twitter Web Client : Our goal is to create 5M new #jobs across the EU🇪🇺, especially for our #youth. We want to invest in our European potential through a strategy based on 4 pillars: #trade, #infrastructure, #innovation, & our social market economy.
👉Check out our pledge & share it. #ThePowerOfWE💪

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Twitter Web Client : Moment symbolique de la campagne au Hartmannswillerkopf, haut lieu de mémoire pour notre pays, l’histoire franco-allemande, l’Europe, la PAIX. Européennes 2019 : transmettre aux plus jeunes le sens de la civilisation européenne, en renforçant l’apprentissage de l’histoire européenne

Twitter Web Client : The #EUElections2019 are on 26 May! 🔜🗳
Remind your friends to vote, with a personal video message.
Check it out here ⤵
#ThePowerOfWE #StrongerTogether #ThisTimeImVoting #EP2019

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