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Bio President of @Europarl_EN, the European house of democracy, representing the voices of over 500 million EU citizens. Account managed by my media team.
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Twitter Web App : Como dice Pedro Sánchez, lo que hacemos se refleja fuera de nuestras fronteras. Trabajamos por una UE fuerte, con un modelo industrial menos dependiente del carbón, ejemplo mundial de transición energética justa. Entrevista para 24h en la #COP25 → eptwitter.eu/qmyP

Twitter Web App : Glad to meet young activists and youth organisations at the University of Zagreb. These young people call on the EU to fight climate change. We must listen to them and build economies that do not endanger the planet. We have the knowledge and tools to do so - let us do it!

Twitter Web App : The Croatian Presidency can give vital impetus to overcome the stalemate in enlargement. North Macedonia and Albania belong in the EU. We must reconcile the geographical and political dimension in the Western Balkans to get stronger and better address global challenges. #EU2020HR

Twitter Web App : Our best wishes to Croatia and PM Andrej Plenković for the challenges ahead #EU2020HR. We need an ambitious EU budget that allows us to tackle the climate crisis, protect jobs and transform our economies. The European Parliament will only approve a budget that makes Europe stronger.

Twitter Web App : I started my visit to Zagreb today meeting PM Andrej Plenković. We discussed the #EU2020HR priorities, the new EU budget, Brexit and enlargement twitter.com/VladaRH/status…

Twitter Web App : Positive news from the #vdLCommission. I strongly agree with President Ursula von der Leyen: Gender balance in our administrations must not be an exception but the rule. I am proud to work with a great team in my cabinet, more of 60% of whom are women. twitter.com/vonderleyen/st…

Twitter Media Studio : Glad to join the European Committee of the Regions 25 years' celebrations and participate in the State of the Union speech. If we want to bring the EU closer to all Europeans, cities and regions have huge role to play. Follow my speech LIVE #SOTREG twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…

iPhone : Very constructive meeting with the Speaker of the Polish Senate Tomasz Grodzki. We have important priorities in common like strengthening democracy in Europe and keeping Parliaments at the centre of all decision-making. Looking forward to meeting again in Warsaw and Stettin.

Twitter Web App : The Western Balkans are one of my top priorities. Today, more than ever, we need to reconcile the political and geographical dimension. Only together can we tackle global challenges like climate change or migration. My statement at the roundtable in the European Parliament today.

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Twitter Web App : Today is International Day of People with Disabilities. Its an important moment to listen to those living with a disability, fight stigma, and create a more accessible future. We must remove the remaining barriers that prevent people participating fully in our communities. #IDPD

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Twitter Web App : The transition to a green economy can lead to economic growth and the creation of better jobs. Europe is ready to lead the fight against the climate emergency. My message at #COP25Madrid → eptwitter.eu/qmun #TimeForAction

Twitter Web App : Climate change does not respect national borders, the whole world needs to work together to fight it. It was a pleasure to meet Nancy Pelosi and the US Congressional Delegation at #COP25 to discuss what we can all do to respond to the climate emergency. twitter.com/SpeakerPelosi/…

Twitter Web App : Europe is ready to take the lead in the fight against climate change. We will speak with one voice at #COP25 to defend ambitious goals, which are necessary to address the emergency we face. #ClimateAction

Twitter Media Studio : The evidence is all around us, we are facing a climate emergency. I am taking this message from the European Parliament to world leaders at #COP25 in Madrid today. If we dont take care of our planet, our home, no one else will.

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Twitter Web App : With the start of the new Commission and Council, today we begin a new European chapter. From tackling climate change to addressing the rising cost of living, Europeans demand answers. We must now work together to deliver on the promises of the last months eptwitter.eu/qmsG

Twitter Web App : Faced with rising inequality, climate change, and threats to our democracies, European leaders must rediscover the spirit and reforming zeal of Jacques Delors. We must collectively take up the torch he left. eptwitter.eu/qms2 twitter.com/DelorsInstitut…

Twitter Web App : My thoughts are with the British people following the vile attack in the heart of London. All of us in Europe have to stand united in the face of those who seek to spread terror. #LondonBridge