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Hootsuite Inc. : A 2018 report cited more than 2,000 #Amazon locations with unregulated #mining AMAZON WATCH

Hootsuite Inc. : "Even these very steep #pastures turned from rock where you slid down. They are all now grass-covered pastures." Soil Association

EcoWatch : A proposal to dam four parts of a Colorado River tributary for hydropower has drawn significant opposition from #Native American tribes, environmentalists and regulatory agencies.

EcoWatch : With #climatechange a looming anxiety, industries have sprung up dedicated to help alleviate stress. All of this looks great on the surface, but it doesn't help the underlying issue: We are still buying way too much stuff. #CoveringClimateNow #BlackFriday

EcoWatch : These four brands are going green this #blackfriday.

#fastfashion #optoutside @rei Patagonia

EcoWatch : There are numerous ways to become more eco-conscious while #traveling, which can be implemented with these #experttips. #Thanksgiving

EcoWatch : Sometimes gratitude feels like a stretch, and this fall has been one of those times.

Hootsuite Inc. : "Restaurants and retailers should not serve or sell #RomaineLettuce if they cannot confirm it is from outside Salinas." CDC

Hootsuite Inc. : "I think our society's advanced enough where we can take care of each other. Let's take care of each other" Modern Farmer

Hootsuite Inc. : #Friendsgiving is an opportunity for us to celebrate in a way that invests in each other's future #Thanksgiving

EcoWatch : This #Thanksgiving, take inspiration from the #French, who saw leftovers as an outlet for #creativity. @conversationus #WarOnThanksgiving #HappyThanksgiving

Hootsuite Inc. : "Everything which brings back a semblance to pre-industrial/prehistoric conditions will help" WWF 🐼

EcoWatch : A vegan #Thanksgiving doesn't have to be a sacrifice. #HappyThanksgiving #WarOnThanksgiving Olivia Rosane

EcoWatch : Lewis, the koala who stole the world's heart when a video of his rescue from Australian #wildfires went viral, has died. #Australia #koalas #heartbreaking

EcoWatch : New documents show that government officials for New South Wales were warned six months ago that Sydney's water levels would reach emergency levels after the Australian summer and they should act immediately. #watercrisis #sydney Sydney Water

EcoWatch : Two major storms are already walloping the US. in time for #Thanksgiving. One that has already killed one individual moved from Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska into the Midwest Wednesday. #bombcyclone

EcoWatch : We are now experiencing levels of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, that the earth has not experienced for three to five million years. #climatecrisis