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iPhone : Bishop Talbert Swan True, but it underscores an unfathomably low bar for a President, which granted we’ve reached, but I wouldn’t put Obama in the same universe, much less the same tweet!

Twitter Web App : If you’re choosing to eat plant-based meats on occasion for their delicious flavor, meat-like quality, and to do a little something for the environmental and animal activism, then it seems you got the “not a healthy food memo” down pat.…

Android : Maricas, conozco una pelada que piensa que la gente debería tener un acceso mínimo a sus derechos básicos con miras a erradicar la pobreza. Para eso quiere acabar con el Estado y todas sus instituciones. Ayayay.

Android : Don’t miss tomorrow’s #HolbyCity - a 20th anniversary special where you’ll see some familiar faces. It has echoes of past stylistic episodes - who remembers Elliot’s wonderful life or Maddy Young’s demise?

Twitter Web App : Love this! One girl on a mission and she made a change!

Are you concerned about what is sprayed in your community? Have you made change in your neighborhood? I would love to hear!…

#MondayMotivation #nontoxic #healthycommunities

Twitter Web App : ...because I’ll be looking at my children a lot longer than I’m looking to anybody in this building.”

We are going to miss you Francis Rooney

Android : Siempre, siempre, siempre prefiere el agua simple, este refresco contiene una excesiva cantidad de azúcar (jarabe de maíz de alta fructosa) y otros aditivos, sin aportarte más nutrientes 😕:

Twitter Web App : ‘The View’ Doubles Down on Hillary Clinton’s Tulsi Claim: She’s a ‘Useful Idiot’…

Twitter Web App : Fill your Home with a Scalar Field for improved Well-Being, and EMF Protection #scalar #homesafe #protection #holisitchealth #emf

Android : It doesnt matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesnt matter how smart you are. If it doesnt agree with experiment, its wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science.

*Cornell University Lecture, 1964*

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iPhone : #ExxonKnew the climate crisis was coming, and they did everything in their power to deceive the public. Now, theyre being taken to court on Tues, Oct 22 by New York Attorney General Tish James for shareholder fraud.

Join the rally in NYC to #MakeThemPay.…