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Twitter for iPad : At the England Wembley match last night.

Our kids singing God Save the Queen.

Instil a love of country in them & they will thrive in their country - because they love it. 🥰

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Twitter for iPad : So Labour have a magic money tree and are offering everything you ever wanted.

They are almost as good as Santa. 🎅


I would love ❤️ a Guicci handbag 👜

What would you like? 🤔

Twitter for iPad : It’s been so fantastic travelling around the country and meeting with so many of you.

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Twitter for iPad : So, John McDonnell is not even Chancellor of the Exchequer and yet he manages to wipe millions of pounds off the value of shares simply by opening his mouth. Could you just imagine what he could achieve if he got his hands on the keys to number 11?

Twitter for iPad : Under Labour we'll have to use a VPN or Proxy to access Twitter, YouTube & other social media.

Once the internet is owned by the state they'll control what we can & cannot access. They'll use it to censor out free speech while force feeding us Marxist crap

We should be worried!

Twitter for iPad : Like you say though they then come to Britain after kicking us out of their homelands then demand we change our ways to fit in with them. It doesn’t work like that. Brits aren’t in to honour killing, restricting freedoms of one sex in favour of another, fgm, etc. So go away 2/2

Twitter for iPad : She and others like her do my head in. They bleat on about the Empire, Colonialism and all the other so called evils we reputedly conferred upon these nations. At least we kept law and order in those. States, since we left every one of them has been at war with each other! 1/2 twitter.com/johnabrereton/…

Twitter for iPad : Labour’s economic policy can best be summed up by a quote from Winston Churchill:

Taxing the nation into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to pick himself up by the handle.

Twitter for iPad : We need a fair and controlled immigration system.

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Twitter for iPad : "The reputation cannabis has acquired in the public consciousness — a mild, harmless, benign, relaxing intoxicant — is dangerously out-of-date."

I urge everyone - especially those who champion legalisation - to read this piece by a mental health nurse. unherd.com/2019/11/ive-se…

Twitter for iPad : In this election, do NOT vote for Welsh Labour 😡


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Twitter for iPad : I wouldn’t advise any Conservative politician to do Channel 4. It is relentlessly hostile, Great for foreign news but on British politics it is Guardian TV. twitter.com/cathynewman/st…

Twitter for iPad : #TommyRobinson talks about #Brexit, Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage & his current court case! #TeamTommy #GoBoris

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Twitter for iPad : I’d like to announce my manifesto for the general election...

* Free supply of Cadbury’s creme eggs for all
* An owl for every home
* Free onanistic supplies for all men
* A copy of Honourable Ladies for all female voters

I so should have made these promises in North Norfolk.

Twitter for iPad : To young voters of the UK.
Who will pick up the massive bill over the next 100 years for The Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn spending plans ?


Yes that's right, you will pick up the tab.

Just think about that when you clap his ideas, your clapping for your own poverty.

Twitter for iPad : Won’t this be illegal under EU state aid rules if they succeed in keeping the UK in the EU anyway? twitter.com/technoguido/st…