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Twitter Web App : The juxtaposition btw President Obama & tRUMPโ€™s responses is startling, and yet not surprising.
Just another #WTF moment. twitter.com/ellievan65/staโ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : Um, so in order to convince her coworker that she doesnโ€™t need to fear guns, Alexisโ€™ logic is saying sheโ€™s going to shoot 400 people, for fun, & mentions her former high school?
We need gun reform asap.
#OneVoice1 twitter.com/complex/statusโ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : Iโ€™ve never seen a puppy pull a prank before and this was too cute not to share๐Ÿถ

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Twitter Web App : We are nearing war. Nearing recession. Our kids are getting shot. Others locked in cages. Our democracy is being shredded. Our values mocked. Science ignored. Hate embraced. Evil celebrated. We can stop all of this. How? To start: #ImpeachTrumpNow.


Twitter Web App : Hillary Clinton: Voter purging is another form of voter suppression. Between 2012, when President Obama ran, and 2016, when I ran, 12 million -- 12 million voters -- were purged from the rolls. hill.cm/SRcqf0f

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Twitter Web App : You know what China isnโ€™t eating? American farm food. You know whoโ€™s really eating the tariffs? American consumers. twitter.com/realdonaldtrumโ€ฆ

Twitter Web App : Doug Collins: I want to do the staff questioning of Corey Lewandowski, because I'm a member of my own staff.

Jerry Nadler: No you're not.

Doug Collins: Yes I am.

Jerry Nadler: Nice try.

Doug Collins: Okay I give up.