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Twitter for iPad : Hope I didn’t spell auto-immuno deficiency wrong but that is not what the tweet was about.

Twitter for iPad : No, not autocorrect, me not paying attention...cause I honestly can spell acquired autoimmunodeficiency syndrome

Twitter for iPad : Ellen Barkin Cyrus Vance, Jr.) 's Twitter Profile">Cyrus Vance, Jr. Cyrus Vance, Jr.) 's Twitter Profile">Cyrus Vance, Jr.. This is grotesque- we can see the corruption. Rank white privilege and we can all see it. He was found guilty, not innocent, ergo. JAIL CELL, no coddling, no pandering. Appalling

Twitter for iPad : Harvey Weinstein tried to silence and blame victims. At trial it no longer worked | World news | The Guardian theguardian.com/world/2020/feb…

iPhone : Ellen Barkin He gets a private room. Maybe even food delivered from an
Expensive restaurant. Visitors! It’s more like a hotel room than what he really deserves. I hope people are protesting this special treatment of a CONVICTED PREDATOR. This is an outrage. FIRE CYRUS VANCE.

Twitter for iPad : Ellen Barkin Exactly.
He still has protectors.

They also made sure there was no media visual (other than courtroom renderings) of his cuffing & perp walk. I think that's very telling. Very telling.

Twitter for iPad : Ellen Barkin I’ll say it. I really hope awful things happen to Harvey Weinstein in jail. Because if they do we all know A. He is telling a gigantic lie and B. He should have been “careful” like his lawyer and not put himself in that position and C. Shouldn’t have been dressed so seductively