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Twitter Web App : Trumponomics in a nutshell:

— Largest trade deficit in history
— Massive federal deficit and debt
— Stagnant wages
— Corporations pouring billions into buybacks
— Middle-class families losing billions in refunds
— Huge executive bonuses

Are you tired of winning yet?

Twitter Web App : My mother is dead. So she doesn't know that political dialogue has come to this. twitter.com/lukeoneil47/st…


Tall buildings often benefit aesthetically from being adorned with large banners and signage,
to bring beauty and meaning to otherwise ugly façades 🎨

Love Martha Skewermann💙
The best in investigative journalism, #recipes & DIY advice💡 twitter.com/PaulLidicul/st…

Twitter Web App : Since 'Never Trump' appears to be trending, here's my two cents.

To my old friends and new, please don't convince yourself in this most critical moment that a candidate who supports big government is somehow now worse than a president who opposes the rule of law.

Twitter Web App : Quarantines, for anyone who has tried to do one or gamed out how it might work, are remarkably hard to do. Where do you go? Stay at home? What about your family? Go to a hotel? What about the staff, and the cost of it? Much easier said than done.

Twitter Web App : I don’t know how this all plays out. But I hope we are learning that “average” American voters aren’t only found in rural Rust Belt diners They’re also in places like community colleges in the Sun Belt (and MANY other locales).

Twitter Web App : Let's not forget this, and let's realize more than likely it is happening again, just with different player's. marketwatch.com/story/michael-…

Twitter Web App : I'm an old, black woman who has been a Democrat since before I ever cast my first actual vote.

Now, you expect me to be willing to vote for someone calling himself a Democratic Socialist?

Okay. No problem. If he wins the nomination, I'll #VoteBlueNoMatterWho just as I planned.

Twitter Web App : I’m a Navy veteran, a single mom, and teacher. I used to hunt submarines in the Persian Gulf. Now I’m after Dan Crenshaw’s seat.

It’s going to take a grassroots movement to win. Can you RT and follow to get us to 50k?

Twitter Web App : LOL I love this - When youre too lazy to build a snowman:

Twitter Web App : I’m disturbed at what I’m seeing.

Prominent resisters bashing other candidates with vitriol.

This isn’t the time, fam.

Don’t fall into the trap that Trump, the GOP and Russia has laid.

Twitter Web App : Justice Sotomayor is warning us.

If Trump wins, the Supreme Court and the federal bench will be lost for decades.

And all of your progressive plans on jobs, health care, education, immigration or criminal justice reform will be struck down by the courts.

Twitter Web App : If President Trump and his national security team failed to show up for the next NSC meeting, we'd all be better off. He's made that team one of the greatest threats we face as a nation. My latest, for @TheDailyBeast. thedailybeast.com/team-trump-is-…

Twitter Web App : It’s funny when progressives protest from outside of the political process they’re reprimanded for not understanding how politics works and urged to get in the game. When they get in the game and begin to change how we do politics they’re condemned for not falling in line.