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Bio Political junkie, feminist, alt health activist/advocate. #NoDAPL #RESIST
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Android : Stop , Drop, and Roll ... 🐶
the dog doesnt know why but is happy to do it !! 👇🏼

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iPhone : Thanks Andrew Bolt! I had never heard of Dark Emu until today, but now I’m going to actively go out and buy a copy, AND I’m sharing my discovery of Bruce Pascoe’s book with 6000 of my closest friends! twitter.com/mrdtjames/stat…

Twitter Web App : 2. Support for children, seniors, disabled, fair min wage, equal economic opportunity, individual freedom, equal legal protection, clean environment, good governance, a fair tax system, free press, freedom of speech & commitment to remedy climate change is an existential need.

Twitter for iPad : Barely breaks eye contact with witnesses. Barely refers to notes. They will study this in law schools, history classes, and rhetoric seminars. Very very few US politicians could come close to this. twitter.com/repadamschiff/…

iPhone : Of the public testimony so far, Lt. Col. Vindman’s testimony is probably the most devastating to the WH.

He says the WH demanded improper investigations, *and* explicitly conditioned them on US funding and a presidential meeting — describing a bribery conspiracy.

iPhone : I would bet when the final chapters are written on Trump this Ukraine Scandal won’t even make the top 10.

Twitter Web App : FADE IN

On the Senate floor, Trump sits nude in a wide circle of blood. Lights dim.

We will now take the vote.

The Republicans begin to chant as Mitch whips Donald.

100 more years. 100
more years. Ohmmmm...

I am the sacred
holder of the fire...

Twitter Web App : Donald J. Trump go to bed, grandpa, youre sundowning again. tomorrow will be a brand new day with plenty of time for filling an endless series of diapers while panic-tweeting about how unfair it is that a lifelong mobster should finally be held accountable for a lifetime of greasy shakedowns

iPhone : 🇺🇸 American COWARDS 🇺🇸
who hide from telling the truth

John Bolton
Mick Mulvaney
Charles Kupperman
Rick Perry
Mike Pompeo
Mike Pence
Rudy Giuliani

History will remember.

A freelancer, passionate about social work. My dream in life is peace. Muslim from Yemen 🇾🇪 and proud of that🌍. Retweet doesn’t mean endorsement.