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TweetDeck : The Brexit Party have announced their party chairman, Richard Tice , will stand for MP in Hartlepool.
Because nothing says voice of the working-class Northern man like a Surrey born, former Tory, CEO of a property asset management group

TweetDeck : Iain Martin (((Dan Hodges))) I am convinced that immediately post 2016 if sensible heads had said OK, you know what? Remaining in the SM is absolutely in our best interests, everyone would have said yes, it is and we’d have left on March 29.

It was the No Deal narrative that destroyed everything.

TweetDeck : Here’s the photo from the front of the Daily Boris from another angle. He was actually speaking to a small, invited audience in a vast echo chamber.

TweetDeck : So if you’re home and you see a wooden spoon coming through your letterbox OR find one on your mat (I almost lost mine yesterday) don’t be alarmed.

TweetDeck : Shout out to all the volunteers who will be out leafletting for the next few weeks.

My top tip - take a wooden spoon, fold your leaflet over it, shove through letterbox.

LOADS quicker and super helps with tight snappy letterboxes that are impossible to push paper through

TweetDeck : If you can bear this inane ramble, it’s worth it for the moment he admits NI have “got a great deal” because they’ll still be in the Single Market and can enjoy freedom of movement.

Well. Now. twitter.com/Otto_English/s…

TweetDeck : BREAKING: We’ve secured a court order forcing President Trump to pay $2M in damages after admitting to illegally using the Trump Foundation to help him intervene in the 2016 presidential election and further his own political interests.

No one is above the law.

TweetDeck : BBC has finally properly corrected Fiona Bruce's error on the Leave campaigns' breach of election spending law. twitter.com/BBCNewsPR/stat…

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TweetDeck : Boris Johnson tells disgraceful lies. Here are just ten of them.
Youre going to watch this one until the end.

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