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iPhone : Finally got round to seeing Dark Phoenix, and in all honesty it wasn’t that bad. On par with Apocalypse for me. Had some great scenes and performances, but it could have been so much more. Honestly think the studio bs with Fox and Disney hurt this film more than anything else...

iPhone : Introduced by Stan Lee & John Romita Sr in 1967, Kingpin is one of the most ferocious crime lords in the Marvel Universe. Or, as Production Designer Justin K. Thompson describes him, “this giant black hole that moves through space and time and swallows up everything in the room.”

iPhone : Why the fuck does a Rugrats movie have to be a live-action/CGI hybrid?
Just make it a damn cartoon Nickelodeon... twitter.com/discussingfilm…

iPhone : Not sure why everyone’s so worried about Thor, he’s fine guys...

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iPhone : Its been 6 years and Im tired of it. If you can legitimately defend Zack Snyders deconstruction of #IconicSuperman, do us both a favor and mute me or let me know youd like to be muted. Ive gained too many gray hairs and lost too much peace over this bullshit.

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iPhone : The New Rebellion What you don’t think interesting and complicated characters getting simplified into one note jokes for the sake of a cheap gag isn’t terrific?

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iPhone : The New Rebellion The CW Just like how it was Shooter’s year...

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iPhone : Its A Vase Productions Greedo did shoot first! #IStandWithGeorge

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iPhone : RazörFist Rogue One had a handful a good scenes. But then again so did The Phantom Menace. I’ve said this before, coming from Disney that film should have been the worst thing they had to give us, not the best...

iPhone : Nerdrotic This would be the one thing that could potentially make me watch the show again. Love Tyrion.

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iPhone : Will Gentry Nerdrotic Nah Warwick would make a better Master

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