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Twitter Web App : Today, Im proud the campaign is launching Women for Biden. Theres so much at stake in this election — and so much more work to do in the fight for womens health care, paychecks, safety, and families: JoeBiden.com/Women-for-Biden

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Twitter Web App : Abuse of power is the defining characteristic of the Trump presidency.

Donald Trump has abused the foreign policy of the United States to extract personal, political favors from multiple countries.

We must stop him.

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Twitter Web App : Firefighters and teachers should not pay a higher tax rate than the wealthiest in our country. As president, I will reverse President Trump’s tax cuts for the super-wealthy and create a tax code that works for the middle class.

It’s time we reward work, not just wealth.

Twitter Web App : I’m proposing giving workers six months of paid family and medical leave. It’s the smart thing to do and the right thing to do.

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Twitter Web App : All children, no matter where they live, should have a nurse and social worker at their school. Early intervention and screening not only improve children’s health, it can help catch any issues before they become big problems.

It’s time we treat children’s needs with urgency.

Twitter Web App : Born to hard-working immigrant parents, California Assemblymember Miguel Santiago serves in the state legislature to tackle homelessness, build affordable housing, and fought to make community college free. I’m honored to have his support in our fight. #HispanicHeritageMonth

Twitter Web App : Facebook has incredible power to affect elections and our national debate. Mark Zuckerberg is telling employees that he views a Warren administration as an “existential” threat to Facebook. The public deserves to know how Facebook intends to use their influence in this election.

Twitter Web App : Equal justice under law.
We believe it, now its time to act on it.
That’s why I’ve got a plan to hold our judges to the highest ethical standards.

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Twitter Web App : Our legal system loses its legitimacy when the American people don’t believe that judges will be ethical and fair-minded. Its time to make sure our federal judges are held to the highest ethical standards. And Ive got a plan for that: ewar.ren/restore-trust

Twitter Web App : The President is sending a message to our allies that the United States is willing to abandon them at any moment, destroying our credibility at every turn. He is betraying our Kurdish partners who have led the fight against ISIS. This is no way to lead.

Twitter Web App : We agree that the future is in renewables. But this administration is bowing to special interests and undoing the progress we’ve made in recent years. I’ll get us back on track with sweeping legislation to get us to 100% net-zero emissions by 2050.

Twitter Web App : We have a duty to support those who stepped up to serve our country. Here is my plan for our veterans, including improving health care services, expanding access to education and training, and connecting those who served to jobs and economic opportunity: medium.com/@AmyforAmerica…

Twitter Web App : Not only are we going to defeat Trump, we're going to make him pay an additional $142 million with our tax on extreme wealth.

Twitter Web App : Our grassroots-funded campaign is proving every single day that you don't need billionaires and private fundraisers to run for president.

Twitter Web App : One million donors.

That’s how many people are funding this campaign — and all of their names are now on the wall at our campaign headquarters. Because this campaign is not just about me. It’s about all of us fighting for justice, together.

Twitter Web App : Emoluments Clause Watched 11TH HOUR on MSNBC. Brian Williams played an interview from Dec 2015 in which Trump said he's building "not one but two towers in Turkey." So what if the Kurds die? Please retweet.

Twitter Web App : GOP #VanityFair piece👆👆also says some #GOP fat cats have put aside as much as HALF A BILLION DOLLARS for #MittRomney should he decide to PRIMARY #Trump in 2020. Do it #Romney. DO IT!!

Twitter Web App : #BREAKING:BOMBSHELL #VanityFair piece says #MittRomney may be in the process of leading a faction of GOP Senators into VOTING TO REMOVE #Trump from office. WHOA!!

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