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Twitter for iPad : Learning generalities from a knowledge organiser is not only unutterably boring, it’s not incredibly effective. Learning the definition of a sonnet is not experiencing several which teaches knowledge and love of them.

Badly paraphrased, but so very right. Christine Counsell #EduLincs

Twitter for iPad : β€œDo we treat our colleagues as post-graduates during INSET training?” - A valid point to raise.

Twitter for iPad : *A Bit About Education Blogs*

Been thinking about blogs recently and thought I'd share my views. Education blogs are NOT the same as education research and I think that distinction is an important one. However, I think that's also the brilliant thing about blogs. Here's why πŸ‘‡

Android : What had they achieved from all this?

"They have practised making decisions from a position of ignorance".

*What a sentence.*…

Twitter for iPad : Tom Boulter Ruth Walker David Preece Ben Ranson In a pithy tweet?

β€œAn attempt to understand why the world works the way it does”

This involves studying phenomena at a range of places and a range of scales. Identifying and understanding patterns. Understanding the interaction between people and their environment.

Twitter for iPad : As a teenager, I went to a rough comprehensive. Social status - the thing we all craved - was determined by a few things: wealth, toughness, looks and, by far the most important, the willingness to challenge authority. Being seen to work hard had a massive social penalty. 1/5

Twitter for iPad : Tom Boulter David Preece They solve problems. Use a map and hydrograph to explain why a river flooded. Which management would be most appropriate to prevent it from happening again?

Contrast two country’s routes to development - which is more sustainable?

Twitter for iPad : As a teenager section 28 was a big deal for me.
That government legislation BANNED my teachers from talking positively about me & who I was made me so angry.
It’s incredible to think how recently we were battling to end this state sanctioned prejudice…

Twitter for iPad : This week’s Guardian restaurant column is about a northern chip shop. This comment has kept me awake. I. I just. What.