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Bio Head of Geography, Research Lead & SLE @Heathfield_CC. @tes columnist and author of #MEGLC & #TLNW. Love running up hills, drinking coffee & reading. Mercurial
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Twitter Web App : Mark Enser 🌍 BC Alex Standish GeorgeMonbiot I feel concerned when I see these small gestures being presented as geography rather than the actual geography of the issue being prioritised. I guess it's a way to get people engaged but I don't feel that school geography should be doubling up as eco-club... πŸ€”

Twitter Web App : There is so much guff and propaganda in the system I’m hugely proud to read and recognise so much in this pragmatic, positive and practical book. Steeped in educational discourse, constructive & authoritative - a must for those seeking to cut the c**p and β€˜grab a spoon’! #TLNW

Twitter for iPad : Quote: β€œno matter how inconvenient it is for some politicians, the will of young people is to become better informed”
We ⁦Heathfield CC⁩ remain committed to developing informed, articulate, confident young people. They are needed. #citizenship…

Twitter for iPad : Andrew Old Glad it’s not just me. Keep seeing his tweets saying much the same thing and have been trying to work out what working memory training has to do with CLT.

Twitter for iPad : Ben King Mark Enser 🌍 I've no idea why you'd rely on probability rather than choice when checking for understanding. I want to know that the least likely to understand, understands. I don't want a random proxy. You can create a culture of accountability without eating 30 Twisters

Android : I’m gonna say it - I hate lollipop stick questioning - it ignores basic pedagogy in my opinion (knowing which children will die inside if you ask in this way) & removes any chance of pitching questions to the right level. Oh and kids 100% know if you pretend to pick another! #fad

Twitter for iPad : Joanne Clarke This person has years of classroom experience. Many trainees do. Shouldn’t trainees think about and challenge what they have been told? Should they just swallow the nonsense? Is t that what got so many of us wasting our time and pulling our hair out?