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iPhone : Matt Robinson Jub 🖖 yoitscho I know the laws of physics don’t differentiate between “forward and backward” through time... but I don’t think that’s the same as “mathematically you can go back and forth”. Sure, you could time travel to the past, you’d just need as much energy as the Big Bang, no big deal! 😊

iPhone : I’d be more worried if the illegitimate attacks WEREN’T coming.

The rise of Andrew Yang 🇺🇸 will continue to attract lies and deceit, in fact, it will escalate and intensify. This means he’s winning.

Keep it up #YangGang! ✊🏻 twitter.com/lsthart/status…

iPhone : Alex Jaron Gubernick Andrew Yang It IS sad, but not too surprising. Social programs in general are (relatively) new phenomena. Hunters/Gatherers would leave old people to die, would kill infants who were unfit.

But we are in different times now. Technology will allow us abundance if we allow it! ✌🏼#YangGang 💙

iPhone : yoitscho Well, we’re all time travelers. We travel through time at 1 second per second on Earth. If you accelerate closer to the speed of light, time slows down.

But I don’t believe time travel to the past is possible.

Other life is def possible. “Intelligent life”, less likely.