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iPhone : Hi #YangGang I was an OG Andrew Yang🧢 staffer now running for State Rep in #Oklahoma! Let’s bring the #HumanityFirst mindset to every level of politics, beginning with local! I’d be proud and grateful for any and all of your support…

iPhone : I tried watching #Bernie, #MayorPete, and #Klobuchar speeches after NH primary... but I just couldn’t... I simply don’t care what they’re saying.

But I LIVE for Andrew Yang🧢 annoucements of announcements. This clip was like a B12 shot! 🕺🏼 #Yang2024 #YangGang ✊🏻…

iPhone : 🇺🇸Fred The Felon🇺🇸 I don’t cry a lot but I always feel a lot better after I do. I think men are taught to suppress expressing emotion and I’m glad that seems to be changing. It’s healthy.

Side note: 2 movies make me cry every time... final scenes of Big Fish and Finding Neverland. 😭

iPhone : I agree. ✊🏻

As the #YangGang has gone through the 5 stages of grief at different speeds (I don’t know if I’m in denial or acceptance 🤷🏻‍♂️), “most” have doubled down in the #HumanityFirst movement.

& #MSM seems to have embraced Andrew Yang🧢 now that he’s “not a threat”. Weird. 🙄…

iPhone : I’ve enjoyed Eric Weinstein’s podcast #ThePortal, mostly because I often hear new ideas that challenge my beliefs. Example, I’ve never heard “peer review” (Science publications) referred to as “quality control of new ideas”. Most things look different from a different angle. 🧠…

iPhone : APNurse4Yang☔️ Andrew Yang🧢 B. I had read about the idea in college. I thought my “kids” or “grandkids” (air quotes because I have no kids) might witness it. Forgot about the utopian dream for a long time, but my reading on AI, tech, future, UBI kept popping up. And the early 2019 I was introduced to Yang.

iPhone : I’m obviously really sad about Andrew Yang🧢 suspending his campaign. But I’m also hopeful. I’ve really found a sense of community in the #YangGang and so want that to continue! Let’s be the change we want to see in the world! ✌🏼#Yang2024 #YangGangForever 💙