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iPhone : Ria LeBlanc I appreciate your prayers and will likely have to mute this in case hate comes at me, but my heart is only open to a conversation on the issue, and will not change with regard to the careful decision making process and how I feel about this.

iPhone : Ria LeBlanc You are indeed entitled to your opinion and I respect the terror you feel. For me, life was only a route to death for our son. Mamas all around the world are forced to make decisions about care and quality of “life” for their children.

iPhone : Jason Ross Thank you. The misunderstanding has been so poisonous that I’ve had to disengage and step away, both for my sanity and to continue to feel I am honoring my son’s life and death. Thankfully, there has been such a huge outpouring of love too.

iPhone : 🦄🦄🦄 Thank you! Yesterday was rough but the outpouring of support has really been a buoy. So many more people seem to “get it” like you do, and it helps me find the energy to keep sharing. I am grateful for your support. ❤️❤️

iPhone : Laurie Slicer I had to pull away from Twitter because of some big hate coming at me but I was compelled to respond to you. My heart aches for what you endured and I feel honored by your support and empathy. I’m so sorry for your experience.

iPhone : Let me be clear: our son did not have a disorder that you can google and deduce alternate solutions for. Do not allow limited characters to simplify his diagnosis or allow for fantasies of rescue. The decision was what type of death we wanted. #youknowme

iPhone : D This will be my sole reply to you about this. My husband and I sought agonizing second and third opinions, fetal MRI, fetal echo, level 3 ultrasound. This was not an inconclusive ultrasound. I forgive your ignorance.