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Bio Assistant Director of the Rutgers DSW, author, clinician, women’s reproductive rights advocate, Canadian girl in the USA...MAMA! Opinions expressed are my own.
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iPhone : I just watched a POC threaten to call ICE on a deli employee who gave him the wrong change. This is AMERICA, not Nazi Germany. We should be LOOKING OUT FOR ONE ANOTHER, not trying to get people locked up for making a tiny mistake like handing you the wrong change. WHAT THE FUCK!?

iPhone : Nearly seven years ago I had a #laterabortion #abortion after 20 weeks at a local hospital. Today I was privileged to return to lecture abortion providers about how to provide emotional support for #abortionpatients because #abortionishealthcare and #abortionisahumanright.

iPhone : Ok, Internet. Time to learn the difference between concentration camps and death (“extermination”) camps.

Germany started with concentration camps in 1933.

Death camps started in 1941.

Never again is now. twitter.com/marloncmanning…

iPhone : My daughter had a high fever last night. We pushed fluids, snuggled with her, kept vigil. And the entire time my heart was breaking for the children in detainment centers with fevers sleeping on dirt floors underneath tinfoil blankets, separated from their parents’ loving arms.