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Android : Implicit racial bias is one critical reason the maternal mortality rate for Black women is three to four times higher than white women. That's unacceptable and we must act to address this public health crisis.

Android : Harry and Meghan are going to have to find a way to exclude the majority of U.K. press. The unrelenting attacks have gone into overdrive based on lie upon lie upon lie. Let their work do the talking and steer clear of the press. No Lindo wing, no nothing.

Android : Kimberly Keir Simmons True. After the relentless and unjust abuse that Meghan has endured from all corners for over 2 years. I'm at the point of hoping for a Republic and the abolishment of the monarchy. I'm pretty certain that Charles will be the last monarch of England. Enough is enough.

Android : Fails to ask searching questions about the classism issues that drip from almost every sentence... or the sexism... or the perceived racism... or the real risk that the treatment of Meghan backfires badly on the RF etc etc... shame because he’s a good guy.…

Android : Keir Simmons Kimberly The UK media and a jealous royal court has all but extinguished the goodwill that Meghan's presence brought to the royal family. The majority of Meghan supporters are only sticking around for her projects and to support her against the unjust attacks she is facing. A real shame.

Android : Keir Simmons The horrible treatment of Meghan is by the UK media is definitely backfiring to some degree on the royal family with many North Americans and people in the Commonwealth becoming rightfully disgusted at the racist attacks against Meghan.

Android : Benjamin Wareing Meghan's father is an abusive and toxic narcissist hellbent on selling access to Meghan to the racist tabloid media who's done nothing but viciously attack her for over 2 years. He's a scumbag who should be shunned. Thankfully Meghan has cut him off for good.

Android : Abusive men have a habit of making grand gestures in public at the expense of the person they're "apologizing" to.

Anybody involved in enabling this attempt at emotional manipulation should be ashamed and endlessly dragged.

Android : Victoria Arbiter Meghan has no control over an adult who's a malignant narcissist. But thankfully Meghan cut her father off as he can never ever be trusted again. Plus no one should put up with lies, betrayal, disloyalty, abuse, or toxicity. Meghan made the right call to safeguard her happiness.

Android : Victoria Arbiter Meghan's lying grifter father has nothing new to say as he was cut off with no access. But he's still willing to sell out his daughter for money/publicity to the UK media who's been spewing racist attacks against her for 2 years. It's vile and unforgivable.

Android : People lie on you to create reasons not to like you when they have never even met you. Only learning about you from the people that are already hating on you. 😂

Android : Potter63 He says he wants to reconcile but intentions appear to be far from. Too consumed with wanting to be the story and clearly has no problem in taking money from outlets who have bullied his daughter or used racial slurs. Very sad.