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Bio Pro-Russia. Atheist. #IStandWithRussia🇷🇺 #IStandWithSyria🇸🇾 #StopNATO. No to corporate dictatorships. No to the EU. No to globalisation. Eradicate ISIS.
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Android : Twitter Safety I support Chinese and Hong Kong government to take any action to stop the riots in Hong Kong. If you - Twitter think my behavior is inauthentic , just because I support my home country. Please remove my account!!! It is a shame to be Twitter user.

Android : And when will Twitter disclose accounts linked to state-backed information operations from mainland USA, UK, EU or NATO?

#Censorship twitter.com/twittersafety/…

Android : Just when you thought that the Human Rights Watch couldn’t stoop any lower, it propagandizes Asma Assad’s *cancer* to criticize her husband (in a country with public healthcare no less).

Android : If #JeffreyEpstein was #Russian, died in a prison cell and it was ruled suicide by an autopsy, there is no way on earth the #NewYorkTimes would believe it. It along with other MSM would probably personally blame #VladimirPutin



Twitter Web App : Emma Twitter) 's Twitter Profile">Twitter 😂 I think I need to bleep out my swears and stop having a go at snowflakes. Or I could just copy in Twitter) 's Twitter Profile">Twitter on every single Tweet to remind them I think they're all a bunch of Atlantic Council lackies who enjoy kissing regime-change arse...

Twitter Web App : Serious question: why did Britian invade Palestine & how did it get given to the Zionists? It doesn't seem to have benefited Britain but rather the Zionists. WHY would they do that?

Twitter Web App : Oh, look! BBC report on Oslo Freedom Forum train Hong Kong protesters: To topple a government for good, you have to be organized...as weapon of mass destruction 👇

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