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Bio Non-violent Rebellion against the governments of the world for climate and ecological justice:  rebellion.earth/international-…
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Hootsuite Inc. : A scene from todays wildfires in #California.

When we say the disruption caused by #ExtinctionRebellion blocking a bridge is nothing compared to the disruption of the climate crisis, this is what we mean.


(Photo via Chris Lumanglas)

Hootsuite Inc. : Piensa tu voto, elige gobernantes que su prioridad sea proteger el planeta.
El planeta necesita un Nuevo Acuerdo, estamos frente a una emergencia planetaria.
Actúa ahora.
Salimos todos a votar


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Hootsuite Inc. : Happy Diwali ❤️💥 Enlighten your life with positivity and compassion for yourself and other living creatures on this planet!

We request every to to avoid burning firecracker 🧨 and pray for a future.

Love and rage

Hootsuite Inc. : These dolphin shows are inhumane to one of the most intelligent and beautiful creatures on Earth. We do not support abusing species for entertainment purposes or for making money. You can support #DolphinProject to end dolphin show twitter.com/Dolphin_Projec…

Hootsuite Inc. : Neu: Unser XR Café, jeden Sonntagabend 18-22 Uhr.

Freie Akademie Köln, Kowallekstraße 18

Offen für junge und alte, neue und gestandene Rebell*innen und solche, die es werden möchten!


Hootsuite Inc. : Dear entitled urbanites,

It’s the 8th day of protest by tribal / Indigenous people, esp WOMEN, against plan to mine COAL in 1700 sq km of India’s most dense forest. But neither you nor media care.

It’s THEIR livelihood today
It’s YOUR lives tomorrow


Hootsuite Inc. : Karar alıcıların ve şirketlerin iklim krizi ve ekolojik çöküş söz konusuyken hala kar ve oy peşinde koşmasına #DURdiyoruz

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Hootsuite Inc. : Her geçen gün ekolojik krize ve onu takiben gerçekleşecek sosyal ve ekonomik çöküşe bir adım daha yaklaşırken, doğanın gözlerimiz önünde yok edilmesine biz de #DURdiyoruz

Hootsuite Inc. : Bunca zaman iklim krizi hakkında neden kimse bir şey yapmıyor diye düşünüp durmuştum. Sonra fark ettim ki o kişi benim

24 Ekim Perşembe Yokoluş İsyanı tanışma toplantısına bekliyoruz.

Hootsuite Inc. : Happy Diwali Mumbai!
The festival of lights has created a major pollution problem due to burning firecrackers
Diwali causes as much damage to the ecology as regular pollution does over the span of a year.
Lets Celebrate a green and clean Diwali.
Red Rebel Brigade Extinction Rebellion ⌛️

Hootsuite Inc. : MEETING!
The next #Woking Extinction Rebellion group meeting will be at the Maybury Centre, on Wednesday 30th October, from 7.00 - 9.00 pm. Everyone is welcome.

Hootsuite Inc. : Tomorrow we'll be giving a talk on the climate and ecological emergency and a call for collective action.
Where: Friends Meeting House, 5 Longfellow Park, Cambridge.
When: 10/27, 1:15pm

Hootsuite Inc. : Wat te doen als je gearresteerd bent tijdens #RebelWithoutBorders?
What to do if you have been arrested during #RebelWithoutBorders?
#ExtinctionRebellion #RebelForLife #OpstandVoorHetLeven extinctionrebellion.nl/legal-info-aft…