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Hootsuite Inc. : #OTD in 2010, the #FBI launched Operation Guard Shack, a public corruption takedown in San Juan, Puerto Rico, that led to 133 arrests—the majority of them police officers. Nearly 1,000 FBI personnel from 50 of our 56 field offices were in San Juan for the takedown. #History

Hootsuite Inc. : #OTD in 1953, the #FBI arrested Carl Hall and Bonnie Heady for kidnapping and murdering 6-year-old Bobby Greenlease. The FBI's investigation led not only to the recovery of Bobby's body, but also to dozens of pages of confessions and indisputable evidence. ow.ly/HI5350wxg3h

Hootsuite Inc. : #ICYMI Associate Deputy Director Paul Abbate discussed emerging cybersecurity threats and recruiting and retaining cyber talent during the 2019 Aspen Cyber Summit this week. #AspenCyber

Hootsuite Inc. : For more than 70 years, the #FBI has stationed personnel overseas to help protect the U.S. We have 63 legal attachés whose personnel build relationships with international law enforcement to help us fight crime throughout the world. ow.ly/qgka50wxfNj

Hootsuite Inc. : #ICYMI Violent crime decreased 3.3% between 2017 and 2018, while property crime decreased 6.3% during the same time period. For more crime statistics, read the Uniform Crime Reporting Program's Crime in the United States, 2018, at ow.ly/pl2550wAZOF.

Hootsuite Inc. : #OTD the #FBI remembers Special Agent Robin L. Ahrens, who was shot and killed while participating in the apprehension of a fugitive named Kenneth Don Barrett in 1985. SA Ahrens was the first female special agent killed in the line of duty. #WallofHonor fbi.gov/history/wall-o…

Hootsuite Inc. : Help the #FBI find Hector Manuel Murcia-Brizuela, who is #wanted for murdering a man in July 2006. If you have information about Murcia-Brizuela, call your local FBI office or the nearest U.S. Embassy or Consulate. #FugitiveFriday ow.ly/T80m50wAXcc

Hootsuite Inc. : Director Wray: We all want safe, secure, private data, but we also want safe and secure communities. We can have both.

Hootsuite Inc. : Director Wray: Lawful access isn’t just a future problem; it’s here now. Together, we in government, law enforcement, the victim's advocacy community, and the tech industry have the power, the ability, and the skills to find a mutually acceptable solution.

Hootsuite Inc. : Director Wray: These devices and platforms have become spaces where vital rules—against soliciting child abuse, against trading in and feeding that abuse, against threatening abuse victims struggling to make a normal life—cannot be effectively applied.

Hootsuite Inc. : Director Wray: Child predators routinely rely on encrypted phones and laptops to store explicit photographs and exchange illegal media, contact victims, and coordinate with co-conspirators over encrypted messaging platforms.

Hootsuite Inc. : Director Wray: Technology has made life much easier for the good guys, but it’s also made life much easier for the bad guys, including international and domestic terrorists, hackers, opioid traffickers, and child predators.

Hootsuite Inc. : Director Wray delivered opening remarks on default encryption and its impact on child exploitation cases at Justice Department’s Lawful Access Summit today. He stressed the need for lawful access solutions that help the #FBI save victims, protect families, and stop child predators.

Hootsuite Inc. : #DYK our #FBI, This Week radio show debuted as FBI-Washington in 1965? This photo shows FBI-Washington program director Harry Nelson discussing research material with FBI executive Cartha DeLoach and announcer Fred Foy. #TBT

Hootsuite Inc. : From computer scientist to data analyst to electronics technician, the #FBI has many positions for recent undergrad and graduate students with technical backgrounds. If technology is your specialty, you should apply for the Collegiate Hiring Initiative. ow.ly/lcXB50vVz4m

Hootsuite Inc. : #ICYMI #FBI Hostage Rescue Team trainees recently participated in a three-day training that tested and honed their skills in air, on land, and on water. ow.ly/Y0qd50wzreL

Twitter Web App : When ransomware encrypts victims’ computers and prevents them from accessing data, cybercriminals exploit their victims, demanding ransom in exchange for decryption of victims’ files. The #FBI recommends victims not pay the ransom. #CyberAware fbi.gov/audio-reposito…

Hootsuite Inc. : #BeCyberSmart This National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, learn how to protect yourself from ransomware, a malware that targets human and technical weaknesses in networks and prevents victims from accessing data.

Twitter Web App : NCSC today unveiled the “Wall of Spies Experience,” a new museum at its facility that provides more than 200 stories of espionage and sabotage from America’s founding to contemporary times. See: intelligence.gov/wall-of-spies.

Hootsuite Inc. : The #FBI is offering a reward of up to $20,000 for precise details leading to the identification or location of Tara Leigh Calico and information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for her disappearance.