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Hootsuite Inc. : This new mod by Azfar90 puts a whole new spin on the Royal Flip! The board is the perfect accessory for the prince & you can get it here:

Hootsuite Inc. : Cor the Immortals heroic feats make him the stuff that legends are made of. Can you answer this weeks #FFXV #TriviaTuesday ?

Hootsuite Inc. : Wheresoever you should go, the line of Lucis goes with you. Walk tall my Son. The #FFXV team would like to wish everyone a Happy Fathers Day! Please share with us your fondest memories!

Hootsuite Inc. : We've been made aware of an issue in #FFXV Comrades which affects player avatars' appearance and we're currently investigating the issue & working on a patch to fix this.
Apologies about any disturbances caused, we'll provide an update as soon as possible.

Hootsuite Inc. : The guardian of the princess vs. the guardian of the prince. Who do you think would win? Let us know down bellow!

If you are a fan of these figures, click the link below for more details!

TweetDeck : Kiana Reed Thank you for playing and thanks again for creating this sculpture. You definitely have some real talent!

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Hootsuite Inc. : The Mod Organizer for the WINDOWS EDITION of FINAL FANTASY XV offers new possibilities to our players!
#FFXV MOD ORGANIZER converts assets youve created into mods and you can upload them to the Steam Workshop.
For more information:

Hootsuite Inc. : Our pocket-sized Chocobros are now on Windows! #FFXV POCKET EDITION is now available on Universal Windows Platform, this means PC, laptops, and Surface Tablets!
For more information:

Hootsuite Inc. : “When I was a kid, I spent some time in Tenebrae. And I had this amazing dessert there.” Ignis has spent years trying to perfect a certain “recipeh” for Noctis. Can you answer this weeks #FFXV #TriviaTuesday ?

Twitter Web Client : In this final behind the scenes video, who fishes better between Noctis and Lars?! Watch Tabata-san from Square Enix and Harada-san from Bandai Namco Entertainment discuss! Final Fantasy XV

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