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Android : llawkriK ot kcaB
Dragon Age II is coming to Xbox One. #BackwardCompatibility

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Android : Very proud of this snippet from #momvsp5 tonight, she pulled a smooth turn & camera rotation - but mostly, shes running towards the camera with full spatial awareness.

During FFXV, DA:I, & most of P5, the idea of geometry existing behind the camera wasnt there.

She got it.

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iPhone : GW配布企画



5/5 18:00


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iPhone : My Favorite Murder Billy Jensen Karen you mentioned Paul Holes looking like 80s TV cop “Hunter” (Fred Dryer) and I had a flashback of sitting next to my parents and watching this show with them as a little kiddo. Now I can’t unsee their similiarities: Sgt Rick Detective Paul Hunter Holes!!!!

Android : YEAH!! 👊

A Ford 1-2 in qualifying for WEC #6hspa

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Twitter Web Client : My last commission is #Hojo from #finalfantasyVII A challenging #cosplayportrait but really satisfying!
If you would like too a portrait in Final Fantasy style just message me!
#FFVII #hojoffvii #ffviicosplay #finalfantasy #finalfantasycosplay #professorhojo #finalfantasy7 #ff7

Twitter for iPad : Melanie WAHAHRHAIOHFSD THANK YOU MELANIE, you have been nothing but kind and supportive T___T what did i do to deserve. Thank you so much!