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iPhone : Liz Cheney What you actually think your opinion matters, you and your father are as GULITY as SIN! Move along Sally, your table with Hitler and Mussolini awaits when you and your deadbeat dad leave this world!- save your breath to cool your soup! pic.twitter.com/F8ueQtePn1

iPhone : Rep. Dan Crenshaw Hey One Eye Bandit, STOP YOUR CRYING! You supported this idiot and his absolutely wretched behavior! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT WOULD HAPPEN? Save your breath to cool your soup! This Marine has ZERO FU*** for your nonsense! Stand up, Or SIT DOWN and STFU! DO SOMETHING, go on FOX NEWS! pic.twitter.com/c2FoxCGvri

iPhone : ✨💙Sheila💙✨ Why are you apologizing for your language: He is a c**ksucker..... and I am@betting the farm he has kids more than one ass in his Air Force days...;) pic.twitter.com/KiQy6BhFbt

iPhone : Rep. Jim Jordan Nancy Pelosi Jim when you stop watching boys and young men get assaulted, did you ever think you would be this wretched? I have a question; Did you support the withdrawal? pic.twitter.com/XlizjD4eyN

iPhone : Mindy Robinson 🇺🇸 Sounds like Darwin at work! asshole points a gun—- Clerk uses their gun... WINNER; The Clerk- Rule number one- never point a weapon at someone, if you aren’t going to pull the trigger! The Clerk wins TWICE! pic.twitter.com/JAvKsMSvao

iPhone : Terry Burch Jim Acosta This was the worst Hostage Video I have ever seen- NO blinking- stay on message concentration, evasive answers to the question- Yep someone was caught flat footed and did not want to perjury themselves! pic.twitter.com/akPJVTJQhP

iPhone : Mark Hertling Général- how can anyone be okay with the Russians coming in to assist the Kurds- while we have Ops on the ground? One misstep or critical incident- with our “allies” Turkey—- this is NOT GOOD! Your thoughts? pic.twitter.com/yUaL7pnuNM

iPhone : Am not sure this has aged as Trey wanted it to... and that guy has the most EGG HEAD in America...just a visual notice....

iPhone : Kevin McCarthy DO YOU HAVE SOME POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS/TO RETURNS SO YOU DONT GO TO JAIL!!! You hypocrite! You were taking those Ukraine dollars like no one would find out- BUT you are caught, spin it as you well.. but you are dirty as a pig! pic.twitter.com/94I6aqkGI1

iPhone : Dan Crenshaw Hey Dummy u supported this Rock! knowing the cost of war u sat back/ FAILED to speak the truth- on DJT seeking everyone from Putin to Mother Goose to help win an election/ NOW U GRAB YOUR SACK! This Marine says sit down, fall back you hypocrite! Save ur breath to cool ur soup! pic.twitter.com/KHi92qcR75