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Twitter Web App : Owen Jones is on ITV.
Looks like he's just been woken up for a feed. But the tit milk is sour.

Done with politics. Not voting again. Unless they have some fit birds like Finland have just done.

Twitter Web App : Fucking gutted. I wanted free shit. Some Labour ppl knocking on my door tomorrow, then loading me up with Mousetrap, Operation, Buckaroo etc. Like I was on Crackerjack.
Won't even get a pencil now.

Twitter Web App : The mist clears, a man on a horse appears, the horse trots slowly to the starving, weak. bedraggled, weeping masses, the man, atop the horse, glowing in a shimmering white light says ... twitter.com/plinketyplink2…

Twitter Web App : I voted Labour. You accept the result. Wish I'd have voted Tory now. twitter.com/mrmarksteel/st…

Twitter Web App : Your opposition has had 3 leaders. Pig mouth fucker, runner of wheat fields whilst dancing to ABBA & some absolute bumbling zip-wire idiot. And you still lose.
Time to go Jeremy Corbyn | Vote today 🌹 #GE2019

Twitter Web App : *deep sigh*
#GeneralElection19 twitter.com/FacileTalk/sta…

Twitter Web App : Fuck sake. Wavey handed wankers a go go. #thevotingstuff

Twitter Web App : Kate's husband there ...

"You know that task"
K - Which one?
"Where you used your tongue"
K - What about it?
#ImACelebrity2019 #imaceleb

Twitter Web App : Justin Lee Collins Somebody needs to invent a highlighter pen that knows what you want to watch & draws your hand to it, so you don't miss it.
We put men on the moon 50 years ago.

Twitter Web App : Rauly No probs. I'm on it. I've even followed Wynsors World of Shoes. I want shoe news.

Twitter Web App : Gyles 'liked' this :)
I think it means 'yes, you're right'. twitter.com/FacileTalk/sta…

Twitter Web App : Sunderland mob. Waiting. Nervous. Doing finger exercises. Rocking back & forth whilst quietly mumbling 'first to declare' over & over again.

Twitter Web App : The Fonz has won by a landslide!!
To claim your free motorcycle & leather jacket (as promised) Tweet Henry Winkler with your motorcycle choice & jacket size. (Please allow 28 days for delivery). twitter.com/FacileTalk/sta…

Twitter Web App : I don't want to make a fuss about Ricky Gervais) 's Twitter Profile">Ricky Gervais) 's Twitter Profile">Ricky Gervais hosting the #goldenglobes but I won't be watching Ricky Gervais) 's Twitter Profile">Ricky Gervais) 's Twitter Profile">Ricky Gervais hosting the #goldenglobes cos I only have normal telly & basic freeview. Ricky Gervais) 's Twitter Profile">Ricky Gervais) 's Twitter Profile">Ricky Gervais #goldenglobes #hosting