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iPhone : I was laying out and looked over to my cat doing this. What the hell

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iPhone : macie lynn Youre alone and mad, dont worry you can stay mad because nobody gives a fuck but you lol. Like I said its MY car , MY money and I can do whatever the fuck I want to it. Stay Mad 🤘🏼

iPhone : I can’t afford a trip to Hawaii so I created one 🌺

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iPhone : Honey I got your back!! You finna twerk? I’mma scream AYE AYE AYE. Your man messaged me? You’re getting sent receipts without a reply. You need workout advice? Whatcho goals lil mama? You want a PICTURE? Oh hold up I’m a self proclaimed instagram photographer

iPhone : I sound dramatic but being on your period is one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever. It’s uncomfortable sitting, laying down, walking, everything. You just feel gross and don’t even wanna be touched because you feel so gross smh

iPhone : j Shane And if people are sad other get more likes then them they need to grow tf up & work harder, people make more money then me & im not sitting her all sad & depressed, im working harder. So if people are bent out of shape someones getting more likes then they shouldnt be on the all

iPhone : j Shane Its not 5 sec, companies go on peoples pages to see thei engagement their engagement is not gone they’re not going to bother to email Influencers to sit there and wait for them to send them multiple screenshots of all their shit