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Android : While someone was on a visit there....in France.

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Android : Closing its eyes to Indian PM Modi's persecution of Muslims in Kashmir (and his tolerance of violence against Muslims throughout India), the United Arab Emirates honors him. trib.al/aeLv4uF

Android : Pakistan is the 4th fastest-growing country in the freelance market, with 47% growth in freelance earning. Congratulations to all who contribute to these numbers, more power to you!

Android : اگر مودی پاکستان سے گزر کر فرانس سے رافیل طیارے خرید رہا ہے اور وہی طیارے پاکستان کے خلاف استعمال ہونگے تو آخر کیا وجہ ہے کہ ہم نے اس شیطان کو کھلی چھوٹ دے رکھی ہے؟


Android : Don’t be consumed by materialism. The trouble is you’ll never have enough. As a result, you can be easily controlled by those who are wealthy and have a lot to offer. Stop comparing yourself with others. Learn to be content and remember, material things will NOT make you happy.

Android : Es se koi farq nai parta
Hmre khandan mein toh larka chota bhi ho larki se phir bhi krwa dete😂😂 twitter.com/BlueSap26/stat…

Android : 😔😔😢😢😢😢رولا ديه بابا نے
کشمیر کی آواز بنیں جاگو یہ وقت سونے کا نہیں ہے

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Android : So Travelogues clean bruti campaign was today. We tried to clean it as much as we could but the littering is too much. So this is an important message for everyone from my side. Its not just for Bruti but for any tourist location you visit. Keep Pakistan clean and share this 🇵🇰

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