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Hootsuite Inc. : 1919: The New York Fed issues a warning on new counterfeit $10 and $20 bills

Hootsuite Inc. : Today in 1976: Congress holds hearings on a bill to amend the Federal Reserve Act

Hootsuite Inc. : September 1854: Hunt's Merchants' Magazine publishes a history and overview of "The General Post Office of the United States"

Hootsuite Inc. : This 1983 chart shows the changes in womens participation in the #labor force, 1950-1977

Hootsuite Inc. : Today in 1950, Congress separates the Federal Deposit Insurance Act from the Federal Reserve Act. Read the FDIC Act on FRASER

Hootsuite Inc. : 1965: The Women's Bureau publishes "Current Data on Nonwhite Women Workers" #labor

Hootsuite Inc. : In 1945: The New York Fed relays to its member banks the announcement that Norwegian krone notes are no longer legal tender

Hootsuite Inc. : Read it on FRASER: Ben Bernanke's 1995 article "Macroeconomics of the Great Depression"

Hootsuite Inc. : 1983: This chart shows the percentage of women in various sectors of the #labor force

Hootsuite Inc. : 1873: the Commercial and Financial Chronicle discusses the "Jay Cooke panic," which sparked the Long Depression

Hootsuite Inc. : Sept 20, 2008: Treasury submits draft legislation to Congress for authority to purchase troubled assets

Hootsuite Inc. : Learn more about employment statistics history in this 1983 study on the "new measure" of weeks of unemployment

Hootsuite Inc. : In 1961, the budget office releases a "Special Report on Unemployment Statistics: Meaning and Measurement"

Hootsuite Inc. : 1778: The Continental Congress passes the first federal budget. Check out US budgets from 1921-2018 on FRASER

Hootsuite Inc. : 1962: "Too Many Cooks" in the banking kitchen: Fed Governor Robertson backs streamlining federal bank supervision

Hootsuite Inc. : Historical #dataviz: Fluctuations in wholesale prices, 1891 to 1918

Hootsuite Inc. : 1984: Congressional staff reports on the facts leading to the failure of the Continental Illinois National Bank

Hootsuite Inc. : From the #archives: Gold reserves held by the New York Fed, Q3 1926 and 1927