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Android : #Whales for #WildlifeWednesday! Northern bottlenose whale (Hyperoodon ampullatus) and sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus). #SciArt by Archibald Thorburn for his British Mammals, Vol. 2 (1920-21). Contributed to #BHLib by the Field Museum Library:

Twitter Web Client : This dazzling insect is the Chilean magnificent beetle. Around 1-2 inches long, these beetles can range greatly in shape & color, displaying brilliant blues, greens, browns, or reds. 🌈

Twitter Web Client : Question: If you could ask our scientists anything about fieldwork in Antarctica, what would you ask? ❄️

And we’ll start with the question on everyone’s mind: does your pee freeze?! 🤔

Twitter Web Client : Máximo was a bit anxious about being so far from his stomping grounds in Patagonia. But he’s feeling at home thanks to all the friendly & curious small mammals he meets. #HelloMáximo 🦕

Twitter Web Client : They belong to the Nicobar Pigeon! A bird that lives on small islands around India and the closest living relative of the Dodo. Its iridescent plumage was used to inform the appearance of a dinosaur. 🌈

📸: Tomfriedel

Twitter Web Client : Thrinaxodon is a synapsid whose fossil remains from the early Triassic have been found in both Antarctica and South Africa. Fossils like these were key to helping scientists connect the continents that were once Pangaea. #FossilFriday #AntarcticDinos

Hootsuite Inc. : What do birds, insects, bats—and at one time, pterosaurs—have in common? A look at wings and how they work, on the latest episode of Small Fry Science: