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Hootsuite Inc. : Through her work, Stephanie is educating conservators about the larger context around ivory. She's advocating for responsible collections stewardship and respect for living elephants. 🐘💙 #ElephantAppreciationDay…

Hootsuite Inc. : Whats in a mammal spine—including yours? Scientist Ken Angielczyk talks about his new research on mammalian spine evolution, and why different mammals can run, jump, swim & fly. 🐯🐒🐋🦇 #FossilFriday

Hootsuite Inc. : A blue morphos wings are superhydrophobic, meaning water will bead and roll, taking dirt and dust with it. This self-cleaning property means these butterflies can fly in the rain. 🦋💧

Twitter Web Client : 😍 This species of hornbill grows up to 30” in length and lives in the forests of East Africa. In addition to its formidable hornlike beak, this bird has long eyelashes that protect against sun and dust. #Feathursday…

Hootsuite Inc. : This tiny bat belongs to the genus Miniopterus—the only genus in the Miniopteridae family. 🦇 In other words:
🎶 hes just a small bat from a small family 🎶

Learn more about bats, rats & cats (but probably not Queen) on 10/9:

Hootsuite Inc. : "Most nights, we returned to camp around 1:30am. And that’s really the only time we had to jump into our bathing suits, head to the raft to bathe." How night baths led to a glowing find. 🐸 #FromTheField…