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Hootsuite Inc. : Mastodons and mammoths had different diets, which means they also had different teeth. Mastodons have high cusps whereas mammoths have flatter, ridged molars similar to modern-day elephants. 🐘

Sprout Social : Meet a whole cast of Cretaceous characters in our fierce fossils new suite. 👋 Step into SUEs world in just two weeks! 🦖

Hootsuite Inc. : Garnets as big as your head! 🤯 Our geology staff came across this giant gem while photographing part of the collection today. #DYK garnets come in many colors other than red?

Hootsuite Inc. : Still need to send Seasons Greetings? Weve got you covered. ❄️🏛

Twitter Web Client : John Potter Studio Thanks for your feedback, John. We appreciate it. And things are changing. In collaboration with Native American partners, we’re completely renovating this hall. Here’s more on this important project.…

Hootsuite Inc. : We’re live on Facebook with conservation scientist and ichthyologist Lesley de Souza. Find out how and why we recently brought 7,000 fish through U.S. customs 🐠👀

Hootsuite Inc. : On #WorldSoilDay, we're grateful for our sustainable landscaping. Native plants are fostering rich, aerated soil and healthy soil organisms. 🌾🌱…