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Android : If you’re one of the MILLIONS of Americans who doesn’t understand why we’re not impeaching the most corrupt president in US history-

Go to link & type zip code. If your rep doesn’t support impeachment there’s a link to call/email them.



Android : .Chelsea Handler During the start of our campaign you thanked me for my work. Humbly asking you to share our #SaveFlintChallenge to give it a boost. Your voice matters. Please consider helping us reach our goal. One tweet can make a difference. #HelloPrivilegeItsMeChelsea twitter.com/escapedmatrix/…

Android : You inspire me, Greta Thunberg. Activists have always been the driving force behind big, structural change—and yesterday’s powerful #ClimateStrike proved that together, we have a fighting chance at ending our climate crisis.

Where you lead, I’ll follow. twitter.com/GretaThunberg/…

Android : For the first time in human history, one generation is begging another to leave them an inhabitable planet.

Think about that.


Android : Yes,we all know he needs to be held accountable,but will he be? The answer is NO. He keeps pulling this crap because he knows he will get away with it,just like the other 100 plus times. The world watches while shaking our heads,baffled at how weak the U.S has become #OneVoice1 twitter.com/reptedlieu/sta…