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iPhone : 🚆 The Journey

🤑 The Bets

🎶 The Chants

🍻 The Pints

Every away day always ends up being like this 😂

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iPhone : unpopular opinion but friday night dinner is wank. tried to watch it once and was physically repulsed. down there with mrs browns boys in the bottom tier of comedy

iPhone : James Milners Isolation XI is outstanding 😂👏🏻

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iPhone : my heart goes out to those that live in toxic family environments and those that are victims of domestic abuse at this time, please try stay as safe as you can and don’t hesitate to reach out and phone either the police or a national helpline. I will link helplines below.

iPhone : Your striker could never.

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iPhone : Some people really don’t understand the importance of football in people’s lives , it’s a distraction , it’s a passion , it’s something to look forward to , it’s a reason to get up some days and ano some people will think I’m stupid but if anyone needs to talk dms are open

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