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iPhone : alberta@noon I will not watch the leader debate. I watch the words and actions of people over the last 4 to 8 years and knew who to vote for when the election was called.

iPhone : Calgary Eyeopener A novel approach to elections. I pay attention to what people say and do over the previous 4 or 8 years. When election is called I already know who to vote for. I ignore campaign

Twitter Web App : alberta@noon My wife and I felt that our children wouldn't fully mature into adults unless they lived away from us. We told them they had to move out in their early 20s

Twitter Web App : The Homestretch CBC immigration may be fine, but the prediction that many jobs will be replaced by robots may mean no work for the immigrants or those already here.

Twitter Web App : Calgary Eyeopener liked interview on free speech and fear of speaking out against those who want to limit free speech. Realized I have been slowly succumbing to these censors without knowing it.

Twitter Web App : Justin Trudeau Parks Canada using extortion forcing Sunshine ski resort to sign new site guidelines. Unacceptable. We need Sunshine and it's run well without Parks Canada interference.

Twitter Web App : alberta@noon Never had a problem with alcohol. Decided I didn't want to buy overpriced bevies. Switched to cranberry juice and don't make a deal of it in social situations.

Twitter Web Client : Justin Trudeau Merry Christmas to you and your family. The present that Canadians want is a prosperous nation so lets get the energy industry working, kill inter-provincial barriers, delete the aboriginal database and make them full Canadians.