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Android : Turks blew up a nine year old girl, blowing off her legs. Trump gave the green light for this.

67% of evangelicals support him.

Seriously, you sons of bitches? Hating gays is worth the murder of children?

We are all learning where we would have lined up in Nazi Germany.

Android : A few Fox News sponsors. Please FOLLOW/RETWEET any one who COPY/PASTES this list and posts it in the comments below


Android : Her name was Hevrin Khalaf.

She was an engineer, & The Future Syria’s Party General Secretary.

She was killed by Turkish backed forces on Saturday.

She was dragged from her car and executed at a checkpoint.

#TrumpBetrayedTheKurds. This is on him.…

Android : "The U.S. ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, intends to tell Congress this week that the content of a text message he wrote denying a quid pro quo with Ukraine was relayed to him directly by President Trump in a phone call."

Android : Trump’s name will forever be linked with the word “betrayal”:

Betrayal of the our loyal allies the Kurds,

Betrayal of our battle against ISIS,

Betrayal of Ukraine,

Betrayal of Truth,

Betrayal of his Oath of Office,

Betrayal of the United States of America.

Android : Just watched an interview of the mother of an 11-year old boy the Turk invaders murdered. Behind her was her 7-year old daughter whose leg they blew off. Wars happen for a lot of reasons, but this one is happening to protect our corrupt president's stream of income from Turkey.

Android : We gave Turkey intelligence that helped them target Kurds, Trump gave Erdogan the green light, and, with Russia, we blocked a Security Council resolution condemning Turkey's aggression. We are part of Erdogan's attack on the Kurds, not a mere bystander as Trump lamely suggests.

Android : Like I said: Barr told Trump, Trump told Rudy, Rudy advised them to flee at dinner, then planned to meet them in Vienna.

Not bad for a couple of dudes Trump doesn’t know, huh?…

Android : I know there has been a lot of news, but not so much that we should stop asking WHY DID BILL GATES & LEON BLACK ANONYMOUSLY GIVE TO MIT THROUGH JEFFREY EPSTEIN

Android : Unbelievable.

Ecuador is showing us what to do when a President needs to go.

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Android : BREAKING: GOP Rep John Shimkus says he no longer supports Trump. He called Trump’s decision to abandon the Kurds "terrible and despicable." He went on to say “take my name off the I support Donald Trump list" and says he is "saddened for the Kurdish people." We need more of this.

Android : The White House’s desperate effort to cover up and conceal won't deter Congress from exposing the facts:

Trump abused his power and endangered our national security.

We have the call record. We have the texts. The evidence of his grave misconduct only grows.

Android : Times Square is shut down.

By activists demanding we address the climate emergency right now.

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Android : There is now reporting that they were arrested as they attempted to take a flight out of the country. This really changes things. Sounds like SDNY may have had an indictment in the works & had to make a fast arrest when they learned they were fleeing.