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#StandwithKashmir #tulsi2020 #leadwithlove

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Twitter Web App : Who would think ending wars is a bad thing?

The MSM & establishment Dems & Republicans do.

Why? War is a business & profitable for the weapons manufacturers, military contractors, oil companies, & their shareholders.

End wars.
Save lives.
Save money.
Help people.


Twitter Web App : David Cunningham She has explained this many times: she helped her dad in HIS political activities, AND she had never even heard of the term conversion therapy. As she grew up, her views on LGBTQ evolved as she evolved as a person, now she has a 100% voting record with the Human Rights Watch.

Twitter Web App : For those who don’t know what I mean when I say #MakeTheSouthsideBlackAgain, wonder no more! This is the only slogan opposed to #gentrification and rents rising for the workers in this city. All justice loving people should be able to support it! #Reparations2020

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Twitter Web App : A perfect example of why the democratic party should use #rankedchoicevoting to choose the nominee. It would not only unify the party behind one candidate, but it would let votes rank their top choices among the 23 candidates still in the race. twitter.com/thehill/status…

Android : Marianne Williamson Congratulations Marianne. Out of my 4 biggest canidates I support, you're the one I've been following the most. Such a unique voice and message deserves to be heard. Donors should be the only qualification to decide who should be in debates. The people have literally spoken.

Twitter Web App : #WhyTulsi #SheServes #Integrity #Sincerity #Courage #Unity #Aloha #Tulsi2020 #ServiceAboveSelf #PeopleBeforeProfits #TeamTulsi #Tulsnami #NoMoreWars

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Android : #MyPalestinianSitty is trending and I am overcome with emotions realizing how we are finally humanizing one of the world’s most dehumanized peoples.

Android : The root cause of mass immigration on our southern border is our history of US military intervention in Latin America that left countries destroyed. Before we talk about a wall, we need to end our ongoing threats of intervention - this time in Venezuela. #SOTU

Twitter Web App : #WhyTulsi #WhyTulsiChallenge #Tulsi2020 #TulsiGabbard

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