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Bio Entertainer, Writer and Toronto’s next Mayor 🇨🇦. My Psychiatrist is aware that I call myself these things.
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Twitter for iPad : Trump: “I never said that”.

Reporter: “What about this recording of you saying it, with you pointing at a watch and a calendar, and saying “I Donald J. Trump am actually saying this, and if I ever deny it, I am lying” ?

Trump: “Fake News”.

iPhone : Sometimes even I can't tell if I'm joking. Having multiple personalities doesn't help. Who said that? Me. Who are you? I am you. Why are you using my Twitter account? Because it's mine too. F*ck you! You just told yourself to F*ck yourself. Why is there carnival music?

Twitter for iPad : Sony and Disney are unable to reach an agreement, which has resulted in Spider-Man being banned from future marvel movies.

The official response from Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire, I mean Andrew Garfield, I mean, Tom...Holland? OK this is getting ridiculous. Get another insect.

Twitter for iPad : Trump: “If I say it, it is true”

Satan: “Dude, ease up a bit or I’m sending you back”.

God: “Hey f*ck you Sates, you bought him, you keep him!”

Twitter for iPad : Joseph Gordon-Levitt I am a huge fan of the movie looper. The guy who was in it looked just like you except for some cosmetics. Has anyone ever confused you with that guy? I think his name was Bruce Willis.