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iPhone : Tomorrow vote The Labour Party... It doesn’t matter what you think about party leaders, what’s important are their manifestos. #VoteLabourOnThursday #VoteForALabourGovernment

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iPhone : How to survive over the next couple of days 🙄😔
Correction likely possibly the next 5 years 😔😔

iPhone : Because it’s Christmas, you tell the truth
#GetToriesOut twitter.com/BBCr4today/sta…

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iPhone : Genuinely scared about Thursday. If we give the Tories 5 more years, it's goodbye NHS. It's gone. Anyone saying they won't sell it off, it's already happening now. US corporations are already buying NHS contracts. Please save the NHS. Please stop the Tories before it’s too late.

iPhone : Don’t forget your anger while you stand in your polling booth with your pencil in your hand!
#GetToriesOut twitter.com/robdelaney/sta…

iPhone : Most divisive, lying, opportunistic PM ever, with litany of sexist, racist and homophobic remarks.
Heartfelt appeal to the British people:
Please don’t have our Trump moment in history by electing and legitimising him.
We’ll never live it down as a nation.

iPhone : This was surprisingly fun.

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iPhone : #GE2019 just turned against Boris

1.6m views in 2 hours, even the BBC are now reporting it

Don't stop re-tweeting this video

Johnson's a man lacking even basic human decency #Borisdoesntcare
#GetBorisGone #VoteLabourDec12 #ToriesOut #VoteLabour #NHS

iPhone : Latest video footage here clearly shows that Tory aide walked into protestor's arm.

He wasn't punched, protestor wasn't arrested and activists weren't taxi-ed in by Labour.

Lots of fake news doing the rounds today, much of it apparently from Boris Johnson's campaign. twitter.com/bbclaurak/stat…