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iPhone : Alright Peeps☺️ LOGGING off to watch the President on 📺 #MinneapolisTrumpRally

Grab a🍺or☕️ don’t 4get🍿 and Whoop it up 🙌 🇺🇸 🙌 for the BEST PRESIDENT EVER

Catch y’all later #KAG2020
#TrumpPatriots #United4Trump

iPhone : Get 🍿guys...there’s more!
Today, Biden’s campaign TOSSED Obummer under the Bus🚌

👉”Obama White House APPROVED Hunter Biden's position" #DeepStateCorruption

WOW #PanicInDC these people are turning on each other😂
Enjoying the Show!

Twitter for iPad : Patriots ❤️love their PRESIDENT...rain or shine they stand in line for #TrumpRally #WWG1WGA

#Trump2020LandslideVictory #MAGA🇺🇸

Twitter for iPad : Seems some of House Demo🐀 are BREAKING from Lawless Pelosi & her SECRET impeachment push!

Well sure, she’s trying to impeach a duly elected President based on a LIE and THEY DON’T WANT TO BE CHARGED w/ #Sedition

🤔its time to HOLD that VOTE 🗳Nancy…

Twitter for iPad : Proud To Call Trump My President

This is what Respect looks like for the Men and Women in Blue ..Trump Supporters are the Best ...Thank you

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Twitter for iPad : Here’s The Only “Impeachment Poll” That’s True! 🤣. The American People Demand That YOU LEAVE OUR PRESIDENT THE HELL ALONE! Back off Dems! #Trump2020Landslide #DemsAreCorrupt #TheWillOfThePeople #Coup2

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Twitter for iPad : Rally sold out And I thought the Mayor said Trump wasn’t welcome here ...

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Twitter for iPad : Oh sure! Like we’re going to believe any of this! Does Anybody believe the whistle blower is partisan! Nobody, but Dems believe that hogwash! Im sure he & A. Schiff are good old buddies from way back! How many more ‘whistle blowers’ do Dems have lined up?…

Twitter for iPad : So, Mueller was pursuing the FBI director job when he met with Trump in 2017! The Pres. was correct in saying DeepState Mueller was probably disgruntled about not getting the job! I bet he was very disappointed when he couldn’t find any dirt on the Pres.!…

Twitter for iPad : Keep doing crap like this and you will loose a ton of loyal NBA fans we dont like you disrespecting our Country like this !!!!!…

Twitter for iPad : GaPeach🍑4Trump Who Killed More: Hitler, Stalin, or Mao? Written By Ian Johnson! In these pages nearly seven years ago, Timothy Snyder asked the provocative question: Who killed more, Hitler or Stalin? Or Chairman Mao, Mao Zedong!…