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iPhone : 🎧New Podcast Episode🎧

Take a deep dive into the three forces leading political ecology today:

-Green socialism
-The radical critics of modernity
-Elite technocracy

The question is: do they get along? 👇🏽…

Twitter Web App : "Our demand is a food policy that includes health, environment, employment and social protection." - an important message from Olivier De Schutter, co-chair of IPES-Food. Can a demand be any more actual during the #COVIDー19 crisis than this?…

Twitter Web App : As I write in this Food Paper: 'If we zoom out to the agricultural and food sector as a whole, we perceive a systemic crisis, fueled by decades of yield maximization and export-oriented policies in a globalising economy.' Let's make #food more #local & more #healthy.…

Twitter Web App : The current food production & distribution chain is susceptible to a rapid and easy disruption. #Covid_19 makes it clear that in order to turn this around we need: 1) healthy diet, 2) sustainable food production, and 3) governance reform!

Read more:

Twitter Web App : In a rush to combat the spread of #Coronavirus, some municipalities are starting to fly drones to keep residents in #confinement. Can this be achieved without deployment of surveillance tech? Will this not endanger civil liberties & social justice even more in the future?

iPhone : #EarthHour takes place today 🌎

As we go through the #COVID19 crisis, Earth Hour is a moment of solidarity for us to unite, reflect and show our support for nature & our planet 💚

Please #StayAtHomeAndStaySafe, #SwitchOff at 8.30pm & #Connect2Earth…

Twitter Web App : Since the start of #coronacrisis, we’ve been witnessing the democratisation of the development of technology – e.g. citizens now volunteer to ease the pressure on supply chains of medical equipment & other products by 3D printing medical parts etc. This shows us that we should:

Twitter Web App : Today's chill & read is a thought provoking interview with philosopher Rosi Braidotti

Where she reflects on inequality, the politics of life, how we got to this point, and what it means to be human

Get a ☕ & read away & pass it on 👇🏽…

Twitter Web App : Do you have a spare hour?

Learn about 10 pivotal issues in one sitting: Climate & Energy, Migration, Food, Social Europe, Tax Justice, Youth Empowerment, Transparency, Security, Mobility and Rule of Law.

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Twitter Web App : With the #COVID2019 caused economic collapse looming over us, its time to push forward the European debate on #Universalbasicincome! Our thoughts are gathered in this publication:

Is Europe ready for a European pilot project?

Twitter Web App : “The economic rescue packages to deal with the impact of the coronavirus must also be green, a growing chorus of environmental campaigners have urged, concerned that hasty measures will lock the world into a high-carbon future.”

iPhone : In uncertain quarantine and #COVID19 times, we present to you “Lockdown Lounge” every Thursday at 19:00 CET. This week we are talking with Greens/EFA in the EU Parliament 🌍 MEP Michael Bloss on how to beat the #ClimateCrisis once we beat corona 🌍

Tune in this Thursday!

Twitter Web App : Read more on how European #smartcities can provide excellent care and meaningful human contact to their elderly population in our “Charter for the Smart City”….

Twitter Web App : With technological innovations in healthcare, it is important to make a sharp distinction between innovations that aim to replace human care and innovations that aim to improve, facilitate, and supplement human care. Heres an example: 3/4

Twitter Web App : Social distancing is most essential, yet challenging for elderly citizens who have special needs and at times, depend on care workers. Technology can give autonomy to people in need of care, but we should also think about their access to human interaction! 2/4

Twitter Web App : The recent #lockdown have reminded us of the centrality of human contact. While many of us can work from home and catch up with friends with no effort, nearly half of Europeans have no basic digital skills. For some, this means loneliness, for others, the situation is dire. 1/4