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Sprout Social : Nancy Pelosi is moving forward with impeachment despite having ANY impeachable evidence.

The facts:
*NO evidence of pressure
*NO quid pro quo

These hearings have WASTED Americans' time & money—yet Dems refuse to give up on their partisan plan to impeach Pres. Trump.

Sprout Social : Tonight, Speaker Nancy Pelosi joins CNN for a town hall.

With today’s announcement, Pelosi has shown her priorities as Speaker of the House—and cemented the fact that impeaching Pres. Donald J. Trump has been Democrats' goal since 2016.

Sprout Social : .Ronna McDaniel: Fortunately for Republicans, the American people can see right through this partisan charade. Support for impeachment has only fallen since public hearings began.…

Sprout Social : December 5, 2019 will go down in history as the day Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden lost it.…

Sprout Social : “We don’t definitively know” sums up a lot about the Democrats’ impeachment argument.…

Sprout Social : “American families deserve better than this partisan paralysis where Democrats literally obsess over impeachment and obstruct everything else.” -Leader McConnell

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Sprout Social : Dem Rep Al Green: no limit to the number of times Dems will try to impeach

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Sprout Social : RT to congratulate the new @EnergyDepSec — Dan Brouillette!

Sprout Social : Democrats schedule their next phony impeachment hearing on Dec. 9th

What else is happening that day?

The FISA IG report will be released, which will detail how Obama admin used Dem paid-for disinformation to SPY on Donald J. Trump's campaign

Democrats want to bury the truth!

Sprout Social : “This is just flat out a political move on the part of the Speaker and the Democrats.” -Rep Andy Biggs

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Sprout Social : "Pelosi wants to negate the votes of 63 million Americans, all while denying President Trump due process.”

Read the rest of Ronna McDaniel’s statement on Nancy Pelosi’s abuse of power ⬇️…

Sprout Social : Nancy Pelosi claims impeachment is not about politics.

Then why has she been conducting focus groups on it?

It’s ALL politics and her own caucus has admitted it!

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Sprout Social : This past weekend, Trump Victory joined more than 10,000 Hmong Americans in Minneapolis to celebrate the Hmong New Year and the success of the Asian Pacific American community under the Trump Administration.…

Sprout Social : Nancy Pelosi’s announcement to proceed with articles of impeachment directly contradicts the will of the American people.

This impeachment sham is purely political-- which is why Democrats are rushing the process & putting KEY legislative items like the USMCA on the back burner.

Sprout Social : The Founders began the Constitution with “We the People” for a reason.

Pelosi wants to negate the votes of 63M Americans, all while denying Donald J. Trump due process.

It is the ultimate abuse of power, and all the more reason why Republicans must take back the House in 2020.

Sprout Social : “The dueling Republican and Democratic reports on the findings of the House Intelligence Committee hearings have one big thing in common: Neither offers hard evidence that President Trump committed a single impeachable offense.”…

Sprout Social : Make sure to stock up on all your holiday gifts at the Official Trump Campaign Store!

Get 35% off the ENTIRE store with the code “CYBER” !…

Sprout Social : “In lieu of trust, what Republicans can do is mobilize. Based on recent polling, Republicans (and other Americans) are determined to look past Schiff’s impeachment charade and join together in support of President Trump.”…

Sprout Social : “Its a great side-by-side today of Pres. Trump who is fighting for the American taxpayers, fighting to get things done... & then you’ve got the Democrats in the Judiciary Committee who are bringing in liberal academics to…give us the worlds longest lecture today.” -Cassie Smedile

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Sprout Social : Jonathan Turley summarily destroyed Democrat talking point after talking point during his testimony today, and even the mainstream media has realized that today’s hearing did not go well for the Democrats.…