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Sprout Social : Bernie Marcus, Home Depot co-founder: “[Bernie Sanders] is the enemy of every entrepreneur that's ever going to be born in the country and has been born in the past.”…

Sprout Social : “In the last ten days, Mexico has done more to secure our southern border than Democrats in Congress have done in the last ten years— and that has to change.” -Vice President Mike Pence

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Sprout Social : "This week, the crowded field of Democrat candidates will use the debate stage to paint a glamorous view of their socialist proposals...our job is to fact-check Democrats’ bogus statements and expose the truth behind their radical agendas."—Ronna McDaniel…

Sprout Social : NEW GALLUP SURVEY ➡️ More Americans than EVER before cited immigration as their top concern.

The crisis at the border is REAL— time for Democrats to come to the table.…

Sprout Social : “As we fight to increase transparency and lower cost per patient, more than 120 Democrats in Congress support Bernie Sanders’ socialist takeover of American health care.” -Donald J. Trump

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Sprout Social : “Todays action is not just about lower prices, it is also about helping Americans find excellent care.” -Donald J. Trump

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Sprout Social : “This landmark initiative continues our campaign to put American patients first.” -Donald J. Trump

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Sprout Social : Today, Donald J. Trump signed an Executive Order designed to improve transparency on health care costs.

More from @HHSgov Secretary, Secretary Alex Azar ⬇️

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Sprout Social : “Funding for HHS is running out of money to pay the people at the border and to meet these humanitarian needs. [Democrats] blocked the funding 17 times.” -Kellyanne Conway

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Sprout Social : President Trump has just signed an executive order to deny Irans Supreme Leader and his associates access to key financial resources and support.

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Sprout Social : Here’s the REALITY if government controls your health care -- a proposal supported by nearly every 2020 Dem.…

Sprout Social : The American Dream is BACK!

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Sprout Social : I am pleased to announce the launch of This new platform will allow my campaign and other Republicans to compete with the Democrats money machine. This has been a priority of mine and I’m pleased to share that it is up and running! #KeepAmericaGreat

Sprout Social : .Jeanette M. Nunez: “Promises Made, Promises Kept” is more than a slogan, it is our newfound political reality under this administration.…

Sprout Social : “Donald J. Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, and I are part of a pro-life administration.” -Secretary Alex Azar

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Sprout Social : Peter Navarro, White House Director on Trade Policy, on the importance of passing the USMCA ⬇️

“It’s strong, it’s going to bring back manufacturing jobs.”

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Sprout Social : With this decision, now Mexico AND Texas are doing more to secure our border than Democrats in Congress……

Sprout Social : The Acting ICE Director’s message to Dems advocating to abolish ICE: “It’s not right. It’s irresponsible and misinformed.”

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Sprout Social : President Donald J. Trump’s policies have put the American economy into high gear.

Under President Trump, Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans are all seeing record-low unemployment!