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Sprout Social : Things Democrats did this week: Sham impeachment proceedings.

Things they didn’t: Ratify #USMCA, fund the troops, lower drug prices, so much more.

Americans are tired of their partisan politics!

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Sprout Social : Kamala taking a page out of Hillary’s book.

2020 Democrats want to destroy millions of American jobs in the fossil fuel industry.

Donald J. Trump won’t let that happen!

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Sprout Social : The Trump Campaign just launched “Veterans for Trump.”

Donald J. Trump is delivering for veterans:
*Signed Veterans Accountability & Whistleblower Protection Act
*Created a new White House VA Hotline
*Authorized $2.1B in additional funds for the Veterans Choice Program

Sprout Social : We know Adam Schiff coordinated with the whistleblower, then lied about it.

But now we have learned ANOTHER Democrat staffer coordinated with a leading witness before the whistleblower's complaint was even public.

It’s all politics!…

Sprout Social : “For the first time ever, most new hires of prime working age are minorities and women... Wages are rising really fast, up 9% since the election, a number that was unthinkable and they’re rising fastest for low income workers.” -Donald J. Trump

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Sprout Social : Since Donald J. Trump was elected:

- 1.2M new jobs for African Americans

- African American unemployment at an all-time low

- $100B in private capital investment in Opportunity Zones

- First Step Act

- $500M to support historically black colleges - more than any president!

iPhone : And the contempt continued this morning with the hosts suggesting they should “disinfect” where Donald Trump Jr. sat during yesterday’s show. Their total disgust and disrespect for Don is truly unreal.…


📅The LAST day to vote early is Saturday Nov. 9 📅

We know that's prime hunting time for folks in LA. So get out & vote TODAY to elect Eddie Rispone for Governor & all other Republican candidates!

Find your EARLY VOTING location here:…

Sprout Social : The Black Voices for Trump coalition launches TODAY in Atlanta!

African-Americans are benefitting under President Trump’s leadership.

In Oct., the African-American unemployment rate hit a record low of 5.4%—prior to the Donald J. Trump Administration, it never dipped below 7%.

Sprout Social : The whistleblower’s attorney was calling for Donald J. Trump’s impeachment just 10 DAYS into his presidency.

This has never been about facts — it’s always been about overturning the 2016 election!

Sprout Social : Today, Mike Pence filed the paperwork to get Donald J. Trump on the 2020 ballot in New Hampshire.

To keep America great, New Hampshire, we need four more years of President Donald Trump!”

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Sprout Social : Biden is a disaster, Warren can’t keep her heritage or health care plan straight, and Bernie is a self-avowed socialist.

No wonder *yet another* Democrat feels the need to run!