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Sprout Social : Were on pace to hit a million arrests at the border this year.

Yet Bernie Sanders just endorsed a complete ban on deportations.

2020 Democrats need to be asked if they agree with this insanity.

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Sprout Social : Joe Biden wants to eliminate fossil fuels, supports the socialist Green New Deal, taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants, and now he’s against Second Amendment.

Don't be fooled – Biden has embraced an unabashedly liberal agenda!…

iPhone : Removing Hamza Bin Laden will deprive al Qaeda of leadership and deliver a symbolic blow to the vile legacy of his father. This is an example of our amazingly capable US special operations forces and what they’re doing every day to keep Americans safe.…

Sprout Social : It's true.

Donald J. Trump imposed an economic embargo on Maduro, 100+ sanctions on corrupt Venezuelans.

He increased pressure on Cuba for violating human rights.

We need to be tough on dictators like these. Bolton wasn’t tough enough.…

Sprout Social : In less than 3 hours, 2020 Democrats said they want to confiscate guns, destroy your health care plan, eliminate fossil fuels, and send your taxes through the roof.

They make Hillary Clinton look moderate!

Sprout Social : Nearly every 2020 Democrat has endorsed a carbon tax which would:

- increase electric bills
- hike gas prices
- disproportionately impact low-income families
- raise the cost of household goods

Just another radical policy we can't afford!

Sprout Social : Our data shows Donald J. Trump’s approval among Hispanic Americans in Texas has increased by 20% since 2016.

That means he has nearly 1 million new Hispanic supporters!…

Sprout Social : Elizabeth Warren is trying to have it both ways:

Supporting Bernie's government takeover of health care, but lying about how to pay for it.

You'd think a bankruptcy professor would know that her massive tax hikes would bankrupt the middle class!

iPhone : Even the Washington Post, the Democrats favorite newspaper, supports passage of the #USMCA. Congress should pass it this fall and give a victory to hard working Americans across the country!…

Sprout Social : If you want to debate policies, that’s one thing.

But there’s no excuse for attacking President Trump’s 13-year-old child.

Kids should be off limits.

Why don't MSNBC and Mika Brzezinski think that applies to Donald J. Trump?

Her comments are indefensible.

Sprout Social : Nearly 3 hours of radical policies, not 1 mention of our booming economy.

That's because their socialist agenda would kill millions of jobs, more than double your taxes and destroy your health care.

We can't let them reverse the progress Donald J. Trump has made!

iPhone : Fact. Still not tired of winning.

“The [Democrat] nomination voting begins in February, which gives the party nearly five months to get its act together. If Thursday was any indication, five years wouldn’t be enough time.”…