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Bio The only Gamer running for President of the United States. Campaign managed by @HardDriveMag. Press inquiries:
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TweetDeck : I met Bex at a campaign stop in Pelican Town today. She told me that in order to keep her farm operating she needs to work as a farmer, a miner, and a fisherman. No American should have to work three jobs to make ends meet.

Android : This is outrageous. Under my administration, the FBI will not have access to anyone's social media data, Game Boy Camera photos, or even their Miis.…

TweetDeck : Many Gamers monitor game prices, and only make a purchase when they are at an historical low. I monitor the White House, and I'm running because we're at an historical low.

iPhone : My administration will invest in public housing, including public basements for Gamers in need. Nobody in America should be left to game on the street.

TweetDeck : Gamers need their Fuel. Greedy corporations like PepsiCo keep ramping up the price for this crucial, life-saving product that Gamers need, knowing Gamers have nowhere else to get it. We must end this horrifying practice.

TweetDeck : You can also get a free one if you buy a Gamer President tee shirt or sign up for our Patreon ( Either way, stick that thing on the back of your PS4 and just carry your PS4 around town because now it's a portable console, baby. That's an Ace promise.

TweetDeck : We are now selling Gamer President pop sockets that you can put on your gaming console if youre a mobile gamer or you hold your Switch really, really weirdly.

You can pick on up at…

TweetDeck : When I was a student at Big Brain Academy, tuition was only, like, 30 bucks or something. Nowadays, charter schools like Persona 5 can cost up to $70 at launch, and that's before DLC. This is unsustainable.