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Bio Supporting N.I.Veterans from History being rewritten by terrorists. If you have FBPE in your title-GO AWAY!
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Android : went into the music shop today and asked for a copy of "The final countdown". The guy said, "Sorry mate, we're out of Europe!!!"

Twitter Web Client : lee harpin So it was the anti-Tory activist Eve Leigh, whose playwriting was funded by the EU and proclaimed “all Tories suck”, who was behind the Guardian “exclusive” on Boris Johnson? She’s deleted her Twitter account after vile Holocaust posts were found. Hmm ... dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7…

Twitter Web Client : Hadnt realised that there were only 11 of us out of the 28 member states paying money in to the EU with rest taking out?
Interesting graphic found on the BBC website showing how much each member contributes or takes out. Bet Remoaners are bloody happy with that!

Twitter Web Client : Jerry Sisk I have no problem with that either. Speed? Get caught pay the penalty. 48 years driving never had a point. As a General once told me, to get there in a hurry might be important, to get there alive is imperative.

Twitter Web Client : RoyR5085 Really? No one hates the police? Can you read Tweets? Too many do and I do not need to read up on anything. The Irish Police Force was formed 12 years before the Met by Robert Peel. Change is all well and good but for reasons that are right, not wrong. We are NOT Dystopian, YET!

Twitter Web Client : And, yes, I've been one. In Northern Ireland with the RUCGC. My proudest moment. Not for long enough though. They will always have my undying respect as will every soldier who served over there. So, been there, done that and got the issues. If you can do better, join up.

Twitter Web Client : I have 99% respect for the police. Every organisation has bad eggs but DO NOT tar them all with the same brush or is that a racist thing to say? The ones I follow on here seem to be genuine and honest and have my respect and support so, if you hate the police then feck off.

Twitter Web Client : FFS!!! Listen up! If you are a hip hop/grunge or other such crap, or in India trying to sell me something or have FBPE after your name, DO NOT FOLLOW ME!! I WILL block and it takes my time and blood pressure. So feck off. If you hate the police then the same applies. I luv 'em!!